My Castle MacLellan Pâté Party! 

I’m a big fan of indoor picnics. A BIG fan. Nothing pleases me more than a huge spread of delicious foods which I can mix and match and eat until I’m full. In fact, people who follow my Instagram will know that I do mini versions for dinner sometimes. I just love bread, cheese and fancy extras! 

When Castle MacLellan contacted me and offered me some free pâté and terrine I just couldn’t refuse! I gathered some of my favourite delicious extras and began the process of demolition!

My favourite was definitely the Rannoch Smoked Duck – it was absolutely divine. The chicken liver was a close second – the heather honey added a really beautiful sweetness to it, and you could see from all of the pâtés that they were well seasoned with herbs  and other flavours to provide a really rich, high quality spread. As someone who always buys supermarket varieties, this was a serious revelation!

* There was a smoked salmon one but we devoured the lot before the pâté party…no regrets!

No indoor picnic would be complete without my beloved! 

Squad. Arran Chutneys are the only ones I’ll buy – they are seriously tasty. My personal favourite is the hot beetroot! 

The easiest process is involved to create this spread, but the taste sensation is priceless! 

  1. I chuck cherry tomatoes drizzled on chilli oil into a dish.
  2. I remove the plastic wrap, score a cross on my Camembert, place it back into its box and place onto a baking tray.
  3. Place some part baked petit pains on a tray.
  4. Set the oven to 200°C, shove them all in and in 15 minutes you have all your beautiful foods appropriately roasted and baked! 
  5. Add some additional cheeses, pâtés,  Italian antipasti/deli items and there we have it! 

Everyone has their own style with this kind of picky tea! I like to load my halved petit pain with meat and pâté and then top with the gooey Camembert. Eat. Then repeat.

Other people are more fancy with their set up, deliberately matching pâté with other components to make posh toast and canapés! 

We loved each of the pâtés from Castle MacLellan and have since finished them off for breakfasts. I totally recommend you give them a try if you’re a pâté fan! 


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