Halloumi Greek & Cypriot Restaurant, Glasgow

Greek tapas – the words are music to my ears! I go through regular obsessions with most commonly used Greek ingredients – feta, olives, courgettes…and even if the individual ingredients aren’t a current obsession of mine, I just love Greek food in general. It takes me back to several Greek island holidays I had years ago.


My friend ordered these and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed them. I panic with certain meats cooked certain ways and this could have turned my stomach, but it didn’t disappoint! Loads of flavour and seasoning and the texture was just on the right side of chewy. The salsa dressing was just perfect and made it such a light dish.

Greek Salad

This was a must. All that was missing is some melon…not because that’s necessarily Greek, but feta and melon is my love. This salad was a gorgeous side for me to use to accompany the other dishes.

Grilled Octopus

This freaked me out a wee bit…and the texture wasn’t quite for me, although the flavour was beautiful. I think that in time I’ll come around to it…but for now I’ll stick with the safer option of calamari.

Classic Lamb Moussaka

It’s such a shame that I couldn’t get a decent photo of this but I absolutely loved the moussaka here. Apart from a ready made one from M&S a few years ago, I last tasted moussaka in Corfu in 2004. Delicious!

Feta Tempura

Be still  my beating heart! They are simply what it says on the tin, and they were wonderful.

Grilled Halloumi with Pomegranate

I wasn’t massively keen on this – mainly because I find pomegranates tedious in dishes. I just don’t like their texture and would rather eat them alone. Also, the halloumi wasn’t the best texture-wise. I’m glad it was my friends’ order as I couldn’t have eaten much of those. 

Lamb Dolmades

This was the first time I’d ever tasted dolmades, which were made with minced lamb and rice rolled in vine leaves. I enjoyed them more than I thought I would as they aren’t exactly visually attractive! 


This was my first foray into Greek dessert – I’m generally not a huge fan of dessert as I fill my boots with savoury foods. This dish is a warm milk-custard mixture which is set in pasty.  It was nice enough…but very, very plain. 


This is a Greek rice pudding and I absolutely loved it. I’m not a big fan of orange flavours generally but this has a tiny hint of it and it was seriously soft, light and beautiful. Orange rice pudding…I never would have thought I’d enjoy that, but I’d absolutely order this again! 

Halloumi is a great restaurant – busy, full of character and loads of options on the menu to choose from! I’ll definitely be a returning visitor.

I’ll leave you with some some wise words from your Uncle Zeus…



161 Hope Street


G2 2UQ

0141 2041616




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