Milk on Morrison Street, Edinburgh

My sister and I share a passion and talent for spoiling ourselves. What started off as a £16 Itison ballet ticket, turned into a gorgeous weekend of indulgence in the capital.

We started with the most important meal of the day…brunch! 

Milk is a chain in Edinburgh, and this is the first time I’ve visited. We visited Morrison Steeet which is right next to Haymarket. It’s teeny tiny, but very cute. It has a casual ambience and (provided that you can get in) it’s the perfect spot for a cuppa and breakfast. 

I was lured by their fresh lemon and ginger juice. Which mixed beautifully with sparking elderflower. 

Compulsory caffeine fix.

One look at the menu and any ideas of what I thought I was going to order disappeared, and the same went for my sister. Both of us instantly had to have this Comte scrambled egg and chorizo burrito with wild rice and crunchy salad. Even the wrap itself was ridiculously tasty. 

I wish I had more to say on the topic, but I don’t. I came, ate the burrito and left. And it was absolutely delicious.



232 Morrison Street






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