Recipe: Sweet ‘n’ Sticky Salmon

I’m at the time of the month.  Not that one, the other one. The horrific one where payday is in the near (but far) distance and my bank (and kitchen) are beginning to look a little (lot) bare. 

Sometimes the most wonderful dinners come from banning yourself from shopping and forcing yourself to clear out the freezer.
We didn’t measure anything out so I advise you to just judge it as you go! We used (to serve two):

2 salmon fillets
2 nests of noodles
1 red onion
1 red pepper
1 red chilli
2 spring onions
½ pack of tender stem broccoli
1 sachet of Oyster & Spring Onion stir fry sauce
Garlic oil (preferably crushed fresh garlic though!)

For the salmon glaze
Soy sauce


1. Place the salmon into a oven proof dish, coated in the sauce. Cook the salmon based on size/fresh/frozen packaging directions. 

2. Rub the tenderstem broccoli with fresh garlic, salt and pepper and a little oil. Roast (with foil) for 10mins at 180°C (or whatever temperature your salmon is cooking at!)

3. Finely slice the pepper and onion and slice the spring onion. Stir fry until tender and add the cooked noodles and sachet of sauce.

4. Remove broccoli from the oven and carefully chop off the chunky ends and stir them into your stir fry. 

5. Serve it all in any manner you see fit! Enjoy! 

5 thoughts on “Recipe: Sweet ‘n’ Sticky Salmon

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