Civerino’s Sourdough Pizza, Edinburgh

And here is the final instalment of my Edinburgh jaunt! You can read part one and part two by clicking the links!

We took a huge wander around the streets of Edinburgh – we can thank the ridiculously terrible Google Maps for that one – to see some beautiful sights and also find the beautiful pizza I’d been told about months earlier. After over an hour of the maps telling us we were 5mins…then 27mins…then 16mins away we had almost given up and just settled for a random food joint. And after a little perseverance, like a shining beacon, there it was! 

We finally arrived and settled in to the cool ‘n’ casual Italian street food restaurant. 

So few places sell this gorgeous drink which is essentially a virgin Mojito. I absolutely adore it – especially on a warm sunny day! This cured all my ills.

Now… prepare to feat your eyes on the single most delicious pizza you’ve ever seen…

This was a life-changing pizza. It was so cheesy. Utterly sinfully cheesy. The sauce was so delicious – the menu describes it as a tomato and mushroom sugo and you could just tell it was a well thought out blend as the flavour was so rich and delicious. Tart enough to balance out the cheese but the mushroom kept the flavour balanced and comfortable!  Their sourdough base was just the prefect blend of doughy and crisp. 

Hands down, the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. Including ones eaten in Italy. 

This was also a game changer. Just look at that steak! This isn’t my ideal pizza – it’s too clean and posh –  but with that said,  it’s the kind of pizza I can fully appreciate a slice of. It was just a perfect combination of flavours to give a simply delicious slice.

You’d be insane not to go here if you even just like pizza, never mind love pizza. I sometimes see the picture of my meatball pizza on my Instagram when I’m flicking through and I feel an overwhelming sadness that I live precisely 38 miles away from it. 



5 Hunter Square



0131 2200851



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