Big Easy – Canary Wharf, London

Staying in Greenwich for the weekend involved our DLR/tube trains passing Canary Wharf several times. When doing so, it’s impossible to miss Crossrail Place.

Unless you’re looking on the window on the opposite side I guess…

Anyway! Crossrail Place  is a spaceship-looking building above the Canary Wharf train station which houses a gorgeous rooftop park in addition to some eateries.

We decided to try Big Easy as it stands out from the railway and a stalk of instagram showed people having a great time with grilled meat and lobster. We are into that.

What was also appealing was the Bottomless Boozy Brunch.

I ordered a mojito, and let me tell you – they do not skimp on the rum here! I definitely wasn’t totally sober when I left! 

Bar. B.Q. Brisket Sandwich

Food wise, this place is your American food hot spot. This “sandwich” – really its more like a burger – was very filling but totally delicious. Filled with smoky brisket – some additional crispy bacon and the BBQ sauce with pickle. It hit the spot!

Lobster Roll

I absolutely love lobster rolls, but I find them very difficult to come by, especially in Glasgow! This was absolutely perfect in every way and I was so, so happy with it! The chunky lobster was dressed in a beautiful mayonnaise and placed in a toasted brioche roll. It was so sweet and cool. It was luxurious but very light – I could’ve eaten two! 


Big Easy

Crossrail Place

Canary Wharf


E14 5AR



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