The Italian Kitchen, Glasgow

This was my first visit to The Italian Kitchen since their refurb, so I asked them to send me pictures to show it off as I didn’t want to be wandering around taking pictures on my phone while people were eating. I think you’ll agree it’s beautiful!

The food is gorgeous too…

Torte de Granchio

These crab cakes were absolutely stunning! You can see from the last picture that they’re properly stuffed with crab meat and are a generous size. I was most impressed by the salsa they were served with as it was an delicious and punchy mixture. When I go back I’d love this as a nice light and refreshing dish, especially in nice weather!

Salsicca e Fagioli

This was beautiful! The Italian sausage is mixed into a luxurious fagioli bean ragu and topped with Fontina cheese. I have to say, the cheese wasn’t best suited to this dish. It wasn’t horrible, but something with more of a melt would have been better in my opinion! 

Vitello alla Milanese

My friend orders variations of the Milanese dish all the time and I’ve always turned my nose up at it for some reason. There’s something about it that just doesn’t appeal. This time I decided to be wild and try some. 

I am converted. 

The crunchy Parmesan breadcrumb enveloped gorgeously tender veal… oh good lord it was beautiful. The pasta is nice, but a tad on the boring side for me personally – I’d maybe ask for a different sauce,  or to add chilli to jazz it up! But that crispy veal…I’m sold! 

Linguine al Gamberoni

This pasta, however, totally grabbed my attention! It’s a wonderful mixture of king prawns, chilli, garlic, white wine and a teeny touch of cream. It was absolutely glorious! Amongst the perfectly cooked king prawns were cherry tomatoes which had wilted into the dish. It was to die for! The portion looked tiny when it came out but it’s seriously deceptive – I was stuffed. 

Focaccia al Pomodoro

We totally over-ordered. I thought I’d have sauce to mop up from my dish but it wasn’t particularly saucy, and even so, it was SO filling. We had only a piece of this each purely so that we didn’t totally abandon it and took the rest home. It was so fresh and delicious that I wished I could’ve eaten the whole thing at the time! It was gorgeous the next day, so at least I didn’t waste any!  I fully plan to come back in summer and just order this with a bottle of white and sit in the sunshine. I think that would be a good way to spend an afternoon in Glasgow, don’t you?  


The Italian Kitchen

64 Ingram Street


G1 1EX

0141 5721472



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