Jamie’s Italian – George Square, Glasgow 

Gather round, children, and I will tell you a beautiful tale of a bank holiday weekend starting in the most wonderful way…

It all started with a roasting hot sunny day in Glasgow. I trotted off to Jamie’s Italian on George Square – a restaurant I’m fond of already – and I ordered a gloriously summery gin cocktail. An Apricot Collins.

I then went on to fill myself with some delicious food…


This was almost as simple as you could want a bruschetta to be and it was just beautiful. The added bonus to this version is some whipped ricotta cheese to add some creaminess to the beautifully juicy tomatoes. Also: I love those serving planks.

Silky Pâté Bruschetta 

This was visually impressive due to the pancetta garnish, but the taste was just as impressive. Italian chicken liver pâté on the toasted bread, topped with vin santo & Parmesan for added richness.

Fritto Misto

Oh my, these were good! Crispy fried mushrooms! I can’t really describe them much more than just saying they were amazing – typical mushroom texture inside and gorgeously crisp on the outside!

Italian Steak Frites

Visually, this had a thumbs down from me. I didn’t actually try a piece of it, but apparently it was nice. The skirt steak is flattened to tenderise it so you can only order it medium or well done – with that thickness and the flash grilling, that’s really all that can be achieved! The steak is served with garlic butter, coleslaw & fries. I nicked some fries and they’re beautiful! Fries > chips for me, and these were right up my street!

Spicy Sausage Pappardelle

I ordered this the first time I came to Jamie’s Italian and my friend gave me a taste this time. It’s as good as I remember. The beautiful crumbled pork in its rich fennel ragù, laced with Cobble Lane ‘nduja, Calabrian chilli & pecorino mixed with crimped pappardelle. Even after tasting the others – this remains my favourite! 

Gnocchi Sorrentina

This is such a simple is wholesome dish. The potato gnocchi is found within a slow-roasted tomato sauce with garlic, basil & baby mozzarella. What it says on the tin, and absolutely gorgeous. 

Jamie’s Octopus Ravioli 

Oh dear. This dish just didn’t photograph well at all! I assure you it looked better in real life! What you’re looking at is a set of octopus & squid-ink ravioli in a rich shellfish & tomato sauce, topped with hand-picked Cornish crab. I especially loved the crab actually – I could’ve done with more! The pasta generally had a very fresh seafood taste with a good hint of lemon. I thoroughly enjoyed it!


We originally declined dessert in favour of some cocktails (see below!) but got some tiramisu for the table. I absolutely loved it. Jamie’s version had orange zest through it and despite my absolute hatred of chocolate orange, this absolutely appealed to me. A must try if you’re a tiramisu fan!

Left – Tiramisù Martini – Bacardi Gold, amaretto, Frangelico, Kahlua & Kimbo espresso shaken up with double cream & topped with amaretti.

Right – Passionata – Grey Goose vodka, Galliano & passion fruit purée shaken up with cream & vanilla syrup

The service we received went above and beyond, it really did. Our server was a really warm and friendly guy full of banter – he helped us pick dishes and wine and was generally brilliant. I was given a voucher towards this meal, so I assumed that he maybe felt like he was being watched…as it turns out he had absolutely no idea and I had to prove who I was. This was no big deal, but customer service is massively important to me and I have to say the service here was impeccable. 


Jamie’s Italian

7 George Square


G2 1DY

0141 4042690




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