McPhabb’s Bottomless Brunch, Glasgow 

I’m going to start off by fully confessing that I ate nowhere near as much as I planned to. The mind was willing but the body just wasn’t able.

So what is the Bottomless Brunch? Well, you have a two hour slot to eat as much as you can for the price of £15. Your dishes are tapas sized, and you start with 3. After that you can order to your hearts content!

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Served on a waffle with spring onion, maple syrup and sriracha. I personally found it too much to eat the waffle, even though it tasted nice so after a few bites I ditched it. The chicken was absolutely gorgeous and crunchy. And I know I’m obsessed with sriracha at the moment, but it’s WONDERFUL with maple syrup! 

Soft Shell Crab Benedict

This was a bonus dish awarded to us by posting about the brunch on social media using the hashtag #McphabbsBrunch. 

This is probably the most amazing idea, and amazing tasting soft shell crab dishes I’ve had. 100% the best Benedict dish, EVER.

I’m totally loving the bonus idea, but I want to see that as a regular option. It’s just too good!

Potato, Thyme & Caramelised Onion Fritata

I chose to add smoked salmon with horseradish sauce (rather than truffled flat cap mushrooms). It wasn’t a bad dish, but I just didn’t like it. It wasn’t for me at all. 

Huevos Rancheros

This is where my blog post potential took a nose dive off a cliff.  I ordered several of these instead of exploring the rest of the menu because it was so, SO good! The flour tortilla was topped with black beans, chipotle corn salsa, avocado and fried egg with a drizzle of sriracha. It was so fresh and delicious that I couldn’t stop. 

It’s only now that I look back and wish I had had space to try the Korean BBQ beans, banana bread French toast and breakfast fries….

Ah well, next time! 


McPhabb’s Bar & Restaurant

23 Sandyford Place

Charing Cross


G3 7NG

0141 221 8176



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