Hickety Pickety, Lanark

I have had my beady blogger eye on this place for the past few months! I was first alerted to the place by my friend who noticed that they had the same wallpaper as me. I knew it would be a match made in heaven immediately!

Despite Instagram leading everyone to think I had brunch in Antarctica…

…Hickety Pickety is actually here:

AKA 10mins outside Lanark!

Upon arrival I was impressed by the flawless building and grounds. 

And indoors it just got better! It’s key such a darling place.

Such a gorgeous place! I’m totally in love with the lights. And the dangling avocados. And obviously their fantastic choice of wallpaper!

I started with a cuppa tea and took a look at the menu. 

My friend ordered the granola – how gorgeous is that bowl?! The bowl was jam packed with beautiful fruit, nuts and granola. As someone who isn’t a fan of granola, even I am so temped to give it a try next time I go!

I was slightly troubled as the menu was very simple and I didn’t particularly fancy anything on it despite being hungry. Nothing jumped out at me…so I took a stab. 

I ordered a BLT.

And anxiously awaited its arrival – my heart wasn’t totally in it.

 I panic about stringy fattiness in meat, especially bacon. I usually have to pull the fat off and reassemble bacon based sandwiches/burgers/etc.


Oh the anticipation.

Not today. NOT TODAY. 

I ate absolutely every single thing in that sandwich without any hassle because, quite frankly: it was absolute perfection.

I ordered avocado to shove in, but let me tell you it needed no amendments – the bread was gorgeously rich and seedy, the tomatoes were perfectly ripe and juicy – even the bloody lettuce was gorgeous. 

The bacon was gorgeously water thin which gave the illusion of it being lean and it was SO crispy and smoky. The chilli jam was nice and spicy but also gorgeously sweet. Hands down the absolute best BLT I have ever eaten. Everyone needs to try it!

I could go on and on about this sandwich, but instead I will leave it there and let you go and eat one yourselves. Please tell me if a better one exists because I seriously doubt it!


Hickety Pickety

Muirfoot Farm


ML11 8NZ

01555 871486



20 thoughts on “Hickety Pickety, Lanark

  1. Member of Staff picked up a spoon from the floor and placed it back in with the cutlery ready for serving to customers. It was a shame, because first Impressions are excellent; but when Food Safety Standards are not adhered to it makes me think twice?


      1. I visited at Noon today and it didn’t look as if the Manager was available. I’ve tried to find an e mail address to raise the incident. If all else fails I intend to write; if anything to improve service rather than make a complaint as the venue looks very nice. It did make me feel that if Best Practice is not followed in view of Customers, then I personally loose confidence elsewhere too 😔

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s totally understandable! But equally it’s such a shame if one staff member is the only person making mistakes and they cost an otherwise fabulous business their customers!


      3. I have found a gmail address and addressed my concern. I agree with your comment, however, that’s all it takes, one person. I personally am not impressed when I see this practice. The establishment looks excellent, however, e.g dogs are allowed, people’s footwear coming in from outside etc; I don’t want to see cutlery picked up from the floor and placed back in with cutlery ready for customer use. It makes me loose confidence elsewhere and makes me think…….’what happens to the leftover unused milk served in the little bottles?’……….I wasn’t impressed😔, but would rather raise this as a concern with an aim to improve rather than a complaint.


  2. i cannot believe a comment I have made about peoples footwear coming in from outside!!! Get a life! What are people suppose to do walk round in their stocking feet? Also I do not believe it breaks any food hygiene standards for dogs to be allowed in to the place. It really sounds as though you are really nit picking in what I have always found to be a pristine eatery!

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  3. It may not break any food hygiene standards for dogs to be allowed in! However in August when I visited for Sunday lunch there were 4 dogs in the downstairs area of the tearoom. One owner with 3 small dogs lifted one and then another up allowing them to have their paws on the table. Another lady in the group shared a fork with a piece of cake on it with the lady in question who then allowed her dog to lick the fork!!!!’ We could not believe what we were witnessing and expressed our concern to the young server who just shrugged. It has put us off going back!


    1. Are you related to the Mrs A Johnson who commented previously? I personally don’t buy into or endorse your accusation of this cafe. I think you should speak to Cafe management yourself rather than blasting your complaints (about another customer, not the business) across social media. I’m not sure what you seek to achieve, as to be honest, it seems very much like trolling.


  4. No I am not related. Did you not notice the different spelling! I happened to come across your review page and expressed my honest review. If food establishments allow dogs in they have to be vigilant as to the effect on other customers. The noise from the dogs on my visit was really disturbing.You should not have a review page if you get so upset when people give their honest opinion.As you were not there that Sunday please do not accuse me of dishonesty.


    1. I’m not upset in the slightest – I merely pointed out a coincidence and told you how it appeared to me. This is indeed a review page – of my opinions. And as I said, I don’t share your view. When I have visited I haven’t noticed a single thing out of place and I suggest that you take your complaints to the manager.


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