The Wilson Carbide Mill & Chelsea Pub, Quebec

I don’t know about all of you, but I spend a lot of time on Instagram. My news feed is centred on food, travel and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. I see these things and it inspires to go/do/see/adopt.

The Chealse Pub in Quebec is such an instagrammable place – from the stunning decor to the beautiful food! Likewise, the Wilson Carbide Mill is stunning. I absolutely had to see both, and luckily they’re right next to one another!

We arrived right before they opened so I was able to take pictures of the gorgeous interior without disrupting people’s meals!

I’m so gutted I didn’t get to see that area lit up in the evening!

Smoked Salmon Salad

Prosciutto & Goats Cheese Salad

I won’t bore you by describing the salads, as they’re self explanatory and deliciously so! The Chelsea Pub is in Gatineau Park where you can go on hundreds of hikes and visit lakes, beaches and ruins.

The ruin I had in mind was the Wilson Carbide Mill. It was even more beautiful in real life than the pictures which inspired me to go!

I could have wandered and pondered here for hours longer!

But the wandering and pondering took a total back seat when we met our new best friend Captain – a gorgeous 6 month old St. Bernard. If I could stand the idea of living with any description of large, slobbery and/or hairy dogs I would have stolen him immediately! I decided to let his owners keep him and I’d just enjoy his company!

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