El Camino, Ottawa ON

About 3 weeks before we went to Canada, my boyfriend informed me that his cousin (who we were staying with) wanted to take us to this cool taco place. From that moment on my life was leading to the point where I got to go to El Camino.

First up: cocktails. Their cocktails were absolutely beautiful.


I don’t like Margaritas, I really hate them in fact. My friend told me that they’re so good anyone can enjoy them, and she was right! I wouldn’t necessarily order one but it was so balanced that I could enjoy it without feeling like the tequila was taking over.

Piña Colada

My love. Served correctly: boozy. So many places serve weak, watery ones. This was the perfect balance of coconut, pineapple and rum.

Old Fashioned

A string blend of booze, bitters and bitrus – what the cool kids call citrus when they don’t want to ruin their alliteration.

We had snacked more than we intended earlier in the day, so we only ordered two tacos each. They were so delicious that I wish I had starved all day to eat more of them! I loved how they served them:

I smile whenever I think of that big plate.

Fish Taco

Look at that beautiful green avocado! It was so ripe and creamy against the nippy sriracha mayo. And the beautiful crispy fish. Perfect.

Del Norte Taco

The filling was like a chilli con carne with chunks of potato and aubergine through it. Oh it was delicious! I think that taco is the dangerous type of delicious where you could just keep eating them until you blow up.

Either for drinks or food (the menu looked amazing, they do so much more than just tacos!) I rate this place. It’s dark, edgy and full of tasty grub!


El Camino, 380 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1M9



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