Epoch Restaurant, Princes Square – Glasgow


Glasgow has somewhere new to eat! And I mean literally, somewhere different. Often I struggle to decide where I want to go in Glasgow with there being several places doing similar things. When a restaurant with something a bit different opens up, I’m excited to explore!

Epoch can be found on the ground floor of Princes Square right at the back next to the elevators. The dark unit has been transformed into a cool, artsy bar and restaurant. 

Owned by a couple who run a popular deli/restaurant in Dollar, this place is offering some high quality ingredients in dishes which are totally dissimilar from meals and tapas options available elsewhere.   Their focus isn’t on cheap sharing grub, their focus is on high quality light bites paired with good wine. 

So, what did I eat?!

Baby Vegetable Terrine, Herb Cream & Toast

This course was served with a Mount Langi Riesling. I was dubious about the terrine to be honest. I don’t enjoy regular terrine (the chunks weird me out) and when I read it, I just thought it would be rubbish. So wrong! Presentation was amazing and the vegetables were really tasty! The king prawn was a perfect addition. 

Hake, Candied Aubergine & Pepper Sauce

This was served with Bulgarini Lugana. I absolutely loved this dish – it was by far my favourite and I cannot rate it highly enough. I’d love to see it available as a large portion. I recently made a fish stew, and this dish had the same flavour profile – rich, homely and nourishing. Perfection. 

Lamb Shoulder, Crisp Sweetbreads, Peas, Beans & Morels

This dish was served with Parallele 45 Cote du Rhone. The waitress said the word pancreas in relation to this dish and unfortunately that’s game over for me. I’m not easily put off my food, but when it comes to meat I can be funny. Sweetbreads aside, this is another dish I’d love to see sold as a large plate. It was so rich and hearty. 

Peach, Rosemary Icecream, Shortcake & Creme Anglais 

This dessert was served with Chateau du Levant Sauternes. This was absolutely gorgeous. Fresh, fruity and creamy. I’m not a dessert fan, but this was absolutely on the money for me! 

If you’re looking for something different and a venue to visit that’ll offer something new, especially in terms of wine pairing and fine dining – Epoch is where you want to be! 



Unit 6-9 Princes Square


G1 3JN

0141 2610291 




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