Bubby’s High Line, New York City 

This trip to New York was my second. My first trip had a strict itinerary to ensure we saw as many of the tourist hot spots as possible. This time round it was totally different. We decided to be really chilled, and everything we did very much focussed around The Classic East concerts we went to and food. So nasturally, it was the best ever!

One of the sights I really wanted to see, luckily, coincided with a brunch spot I was desperate to try out!  Neither of them disappointed!

The High Line is an above ground railway which has been converted into gardens. It was the perfect way to start our trip – a nice morning walk through stunning gardens to see the buildings and buzz of New York in the background. 

At the end of the High Line is an eatery called Bubby’s. If you’re looking for good places to eat in New York City, then look no further than Bubby’s! My only regret is that we only managed one visit! 

The place was packed but we got a seat straight away and had gorgeous heavy cups of tea plonked in front of us immediately. 

They are famed for selling pies, and if what we ordered hadn’t been so filling then I’d have been all over it. I love pie. 

Smoked Salmon Bagel

I hope you notice the the size of this Kossar’s bagel (!), topped with a slice of what must’ve been a massive red onion! The Holy Schmitts horseradish cream cheese was topped with the onion, cucumber and dill to give such a bold set of flavours to accompany the smoked salmon. Oh, and it was all topped with capers. Can’t forget he capers!

Avocado Toast

This was absolutely to die for! There was a ton of smashed avocado on gorgeous bread, which was laced with cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and basil. It was lightly sprinkled with chilli flakes and topped with a sunny side egg. It came with a side salad which was dressed in a stunning cider vinaigrette which was tart enough to balance out the richness of the egg and avocado. I was absolutely in heaven.



73 Gansevoort Street

New York





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