Shake Shack, New York City

New York was the best holiday I’ve ever had, and our last day and night was a definite highlight (amongst several highlights).

We met up with my wonderful friend Rosie who I haven’t seen in years as she moved to the states. We spent the day leisurely sight seeing, chatting and eating. In the evening we retreated to a lovely rooftop bar we spotted from The High Line, The Brass Monkey. We settled into our seats for an evening of cocktails and watching the sun set.


Afterwards, we went back to our amazing hotel room – Yotel where we upgraded to a King Terrace room which comes with its own hot tub! I cannot recommend the hotel and room enough! We finished the evening with bubbles and bubbles!

We were a tad rough the next day.

Being hungover and having to pack, check out and then panic-organise Canadian visas that we didn’t realise we needed until we tried to check in….

Oh dear, we needed burgers, STAT.

Shake Shack is disgustingly good. Coronary Heart Disease kinda good. Sheer filth. I LOVED it.  


A simple cheeseburger with tomato and lettuce! Oh, and their famous ShackSauce! Seriously though, look at that cheese!


This was a burger topped with Applewood smoked bacon, chopped cherry pepper, tons of cheese and the ShackSauce. It was absolutely amazing.  

The fries are the winner for me. Crinkle cut, for extra crispness which is my absolute favourite with fries – the crispier the better! The topping is a rich cheese gloop which I couldn’t get enough of. It’s so nasty but wonderful. The bacon on top was really nice and chewy/crispy too, but I think I preferred the plainer ones. 

I can totally recommend Shake Shack for ‘one of those’ days. Greasy, wonderful goodness!

We then decided to walk around Central Park… but it was a hot day and we were too hungover and full of burgers. So we sat under a bridge in the shade like a pair of bums! Ideal in its own way!


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