Samphire Seafood Restaurant, Inverary

Inverary is a gorgeous loch-side town, just shy of an hour and a half from Glasgow. I’ve blogged about it before and if you’ve read that post already you’ll remember that I was absolutely in love with their food.

We’d planned to try somewhere new this time…but as avid seafood lovers, we just couldn’t resist the lure of such a gorgeous seafood restaurant!

Cullen Skink

My other half ordered this the first time and even though I really wanted to try something new, I was tired and run down from a hectic few months at work – not feeling quite so adventurous.  This creamy delight was exactly what the doctor ordered! Thick, creamy, and loaded with gorgeous chunks of haddock!

Thai Scented Crab Cakes

Inspired by Thai flavours, these crabcakes had an air of lime, chilli, coriander and I want to say lemongrass but I’m not sure if I’m making that up? Haha – either way, they were jam packed with crab meat and had tons of flavour! Perfectly matched with the sweet chilli sauce and cool dressed salad.

Slow Braised Feather Blade of Aberdeen Angus 

Sometimes you just feel deficient in good old iron and you just need the red meat! Despite being primarily a seafood restaurant, they cook meat equally well! The meat was soft as butter and served with decadent dauphinoise potatoes, Savoy cabbage and smoked bacon – all floating in a rich red wine jus. Oh, and crispy onion rings on top for luck!

Loch Duart Salmon & Pollock Bouillabaisse  

I said I was in the mood for stew and I veeeeery nearly missed this! I Googled bouillabaisse and shrieked with joy when I realised what it was! 

It TOTALLY beat my own home cooked fish stew

The creamy and indulgent sauce wrapped up the gorgeous chunks of fish, cockles and mussels and was scattered with beautiful garlic croutons. On a side dish was some grated Isle of Mull cheddar, garlic mayonnaise with a fiery pepper taste and home baked bread. I wasn’t totally sure about how those sides worked with the dish, but apparently that’s what they serve in France for you to do with as you wish! The cheese was gorgeous on the stew and I just dipped my crusts in the mayonnaise after mopping the bouillabaisse sauce up with the soft bread.  
As always, Samphire, it has been my pleasure!


Samphire Restaurant

6 Arkland


Argyll & Bute

PA32 8UD

01499 302321



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