Brunch at The Gleneagles Hotel

My love of The Gleneagles Hotel is no secret! You all may remember that time I stayed there a few years ago and uploaded videos of me running around the room whooping, openly and unashamedly gloating, gushing and weeping over the splendour of it all for weeks! 

If you missed it – feel free to have a read here! If you’re looking for an amazing spa break, you definitely want to check it out!

As a massive fan of brunch – I couldn’t resist the invitation try out Gleneagles’ brunch offering which takes place on the first Sunday of the month. 

It was a pretty gloomy day with autumn setting in…but the hotel and gardens looked just as beautiful as ever. Gorgeous foliage and the gardens were bright with brawny heather. 

Inside looked even more delightful…

I couldn’t stare at this gorgeous flower stand – complete with squashes! – for long enough! It was adorable. 

The Birnam Brasserie was just after this beautiful stand and it didn’t serve as this stunning brunch area when I stayed here. 

I was LIVING for their mosaic tiling and absolutely STUNNING interors for the Birnham. It was so, so beautiful. From the lights to the tiles, the food arrangements to the seating areas – it is visually delicious! 

See what I mean? Absolutely beautiful. I was so inspired that I did something I never do at a buffet – I filled my plate! I usually ferry back and forth but I just couldn’t stop grabbing food! 

You’re looking at: smoked salmon and Marie Rose sauce, mackerels Pate on blinis, a couple of cheeses, watermelon & feta salad with seeds, grilled vegetables, heirloom tomato salad and some hounous. And quince jelly. And bread. And prosciutto.

The variety is incredible…but there’s so much more. You choose a dish as well! 

I decided upon one of my all time favourites as it’s light eneiugh that I’d cope with the rest of the buffet in the sweet room (yes…you read that correctly!)

I have to say: this is the only thing I’ve ever eaten at Gleneagles that I didn’t rate. It was very watery and the sauce had split. It was still nice enough to eat though! 

Sitting with my watery marineres and seeing this truffled macaroni cheese next to me was sheer PAIN. Especially when I tasted some and realised that it’s the best mac ‘n’ cheese I’ve tasted! Seriously: you must try it! 

Remember the sweet room I mentioned? Utterly gorgeous isn’t it? It’s the classiest greenhouse/indoor garden I think I’ve ever seen. 

The guy on the pancake hot plate is totally non-judgmental. I travelled home with my jeans undone as a result. 

The brunch is only available on the first Sunday of the month and the price is £37, and you can add a drinks package for an extra £25. For the sheer amount you’re able to eat, the stunning surroundings and the incredible quality of the food, it’ll be money and an afternoon well spent. 


The Gleneagles Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort




0800 389 3737


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