Markethalle Neun, Berlin 

Our first day of Berlin was spent wandering  around and enjoying all the sights of the city. A short train ride away from the city centre is an indoor food market I’ve had my eye on: Markethalle Neun.

It is exactly what it says on the tin: it’s an indoor market and within it are several different shops/stalls selling various goodies. Sadly for us, most of them were closing/not serving an hour and a half before the time Google told us it closed, so I’d recommend getting in early if you’re visiting!

You can imagine my emotional pain when it came to actually ordering some food!

How cute?!

Ordering food was difficult because it wasn’t feasible to eat everything. We’d planned a BBQ rib sandwich and some nibbles but they’d closed the sandwich place early. Nibbles galore it was then!

We decided to stop by the bread stall and grab some of the focaccia and then head back down to the Turkish deli where the woman had various houmouses? Houmii? I’ve never had to use to plural of houmous before – is that right?!

I digress! We ordered: (clockwise) mixed marinated olives, houmous, artichoke dip, cheese focaccia, chickpea salad and tzatziki.  It may not look like much but we couldn’t finish it all and they were absolutely delicious! The artichoke dip was a favourite of mine!

Cute van selling crepes? Yes please! The man who ran this was so lovely and quite frankly he makes a mean crepe! The crepe was sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles before his salted caramel sauce then folded and flipped to cook through. It was beautiful!

We actually planned to go back here on our last day so we could try more of the food br time just didn’t permit! I’d totally recommend anyone going to Berlin, especially if you’re a foodie who loves exploring small deli vendors!


Markethalle Neun, Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, 10997, Berlin



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