Hans Im Glück, Berlin Hauptbahnhof 

When we arrived in Berlin, a friend had messaged me to tell me about this burger restaurant that he’d tried and loved. My sister and I had issues with getting the menu in English so we decided to just go there and see as it was in the train station we’d pass through anyway! They had a seriously vague menu on the door and we decided not to bother and just looked around the station. And found nowhere else we fancied. Traumatised, we decided to just go in and eat the ‘burger with cheese’.

Walking in, we realised how gorgeous this place is. The entire place is decorated like a forest and has such a beautiful, relaxing feel to it!

The menu was like a thick book and you could choose your burger bun and various toppings. A word to the wise – totally ignore the menu at the door. It sells this place SO short!

We sampled some drinks to start as they have a cocktail and burger deal.

 Grünschnabel – gin, basil, lemon, sugar & sparkling water

Goldregen – vodka, elderflower, mango, pineapple, passion fruit & lemon

I can’t remember what this was and I can’t see anything online that properly reminds me. Essentially this was a non-alcoholic fruit juice blend and it was really lovely and refreshing!
 Geissbock Burger

My sister and I decided to half our burgers and share – this one was my favourite of the two. The patty was topped with goat’s cheese, smoked bacon & fig jam. It was absolutely gorgeous – such a beautiful mixture of smoky, sweet and tangy. I absolutely loved this burger!

Elsässer Burger 

This was a simpler burger but no less tasty – the burger patty was topped with plenty brie & cowberries. Cowberries are also known as lingonberries which I’m more familiar with! This was a sweet and creamy burger and it was wolfed down in no time!

Sweet potato fries

The deal included a side each. My sister ordered these gorgeously crisp sweet potato fries. They were so moreish that we ate the whole bowl despite being full! My choice of side was coleslaw which was goinnnto go nicely with these fries. But, quite frankly, they were absolutely horrible.  They just tasted bad. I’m not too sure what the sauce was but I wouldn’t recommend trying it!

Coleslaw aside, our visit here was absolutely spot on! Gorgeous surroundings, lovely staff, and most importantly – seriously tasty food and cocktails!


Hans im Glück, Hauptbahnhof, Europaplatz 1, 10557 Berlin




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