Sparkling Afternoon Tea at Trump Turnberry


My stay at Turnberry wasn’t just dinner. Oh no, I had to sample all the meals! We had an afternoon tea in the middle of our day in the spa and it was just a fantastic addition to the day.

We were so lucky getting this spot right at the window, looking out over this beautiful view. I was delighted that Turnberry activated their rainbow for us!

Our tea started with some rosé sparkling wine and a toast to our amazing weekend.

We were then greeted by the tea sommelier.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The tea sommelier and her magical tray of wonders joined us and explained all the teas and let us choose what we wanted. The selection of teas really appealed to me on an aesthetic level. And also because I bloody love tea.

Barry ordered a breakfast tea (Twining’s very own special blend exclusively for Turnberry), which I also wanted to order but I just didn’t have the heart to order two bog-standard teas when she had spent to much time discussing all the fancy options. So I opted for a fancy flowering tea!

Our teas were poured and we were instructed which timer to follow for the perfect brew. I have to say though, the timer wasn’t accurate (by our standards)!

I personally prefer a clear mug or clear teapot for flowering tea so this photo is disappointing! But the flower was really pretty. It’s name (based on my shoddy memory and a cruise on Google) is a Beauty Bridge due to the white flowers forming an arch.

Pictured here is the wild Barry eyeing up his prey!

I’m going to start with some afternoon tea honesty: I like afternoon teas. I don’t love them. For two reasons:

1. Egg sandwiches.

2. More sweets than savouries.

I was delighted that for the first time I wasn’t given any egg sandwiches! The sweet-savoury ratio still isn’t in my favour but that’s just my taste and most people I know don’t share my view! But there you have it.

I was so happy with the selection of savouries – a cheese and ham hock dropped scone, roast chicken sandwich, smoked salmon rolls and a delicious prawn Marie rose savoury. Absolutely gorgeous!

In this section we had a Dulce de Leche eclair, a dark chocolate and cherry square and a blueberry mousse.

And of course – scones! They were fabulous scones too.

The stand was topped with carrot cake which I can’t comment on as I simply couldn’t fit another bite in after everything else I’d eaten! Barry loved his piece!

Never happier than when we’re being spoiled rotten!


Turnberry, Ayrshire, Scotland, KA26 9LT

0165 5331000



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