Lambrini Cocktails


What’s your first thought when I say Lambrini? I’ll tell you mine:

  1. Drinking in a park as a teenager.
  2. Cherry Lambrini was what I’d drink on the train on my way to Glasgow for a night out.

When I was offered free samples of Lambrini to invent some cocktails I just couldn’t resist – the nostalgia hit me like a wave! So, my friend and I sourced some ingredients (more booze and the entire fruit section of Aldi), got on our cutest Christmas attire (pyjamas), put on some Christmas films (Arthur Christmas – I love it!) and got to work.

Disclaimer: I don’t measure anything when I make cocktails so these are ideas rather than recipes. Make them as potent as you wish!

1. Lambrini Lozenge

I very creatively did this:

And it was so pretty! But it of course disappeared when I added the rest of the ingredients. But still, I recommend doing it anyway.

This cocktail contains:

  • Honey
  • Limoncello
  • Lambrini original
  • Slice of lemon

It was very mild and sweet and genuinely delicious. You could totally drink it to cure a sore throat. The alcohol will sterilise your infected throat and the honey and lemon will soothe it. And you’ll be drunk and feel infinitely happier.

2. Christmas in Waikiki

This one contained:

  • Malibu Pineapple
  • Lambrini original
  • Squeeze of lime
  • A wedge of pineapple & lime for snacking

The Christmas part is of course ironic as this cocktail couldn’t be less Christmassy if I tried. It’s still a delicious cocktail though. Coconut glasses are a must-have.

3. Dr Cherrini

You will need:

  • Amaretto
  • Coca Cola
  • Lambrini cherry
  • A cherry
  • Fizzy Haribo cherries

I recommend that the Coke and the Lambrini are in equal parts for this one. It tastes like sour Haribo cherries and Dr Pepper. Beautiful & fun!

4. Bluebellini

I actually made this one last after I’d drank a lot of the others so that’s why it’s lacking in creative vision. It’s a take on a Bellini, and contains:

  • Chambord
  • Blueberry Lambrini
  • Fresh blueberries

I decided that I should’ve added something bitter as it was a bit sickly. Adding some fresh lime and gin was my drunken suggestion at the time. I’d need to revisit this one!

5. Strawberry Ginbrini

This was so tasty! I coated the rim of the glass with some honey to help the sugar stick, and then added:

  • Larios Rose Gin
  • Strawberry Lambrini
  • Pomegranate seeds with some of their juice
  • A strawberry on the side

It was like a strawberry festival in my mouth. Absolutely gorgeous. I’d planned to garnish it with a big chewy Haribo strawberry but I ate it rather than putting it on – my bad!

I know Lambrini can be the butt of jokes, but quite seriously, I would happily drink all of these cocktails (even the blueberry one – but I really could’ve done better with that) and if you want to limit your headache and cost then Lambrini is a great substitute for prosecco when you’re making cocktails. The strawberry and cherry flavours worked perfectly in the cocktails.

What I’m curious about is – what are your memories of Lambrini? Tweet them to me!

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