Leiper’s Attic at Cottiers – Glasgow


I found out something new recently – Cottiers has a restaurant upstairs! I have only ever been in the bar for drinks, and didn’t ever look at their social media so I was surprised to receive an email inviting me to sample their new menu. I was intrigued!

I nicked this photo from their social media to show the inside – my iPhone failed to take a remotely decent picture of the warm fairy light and candlelit ambience!

Walking up the spiral staircase absolutely sets the tone for an attic restaurant visit, and I just couldn’t help but take pictures of the gorgeous windows, doors and ceiling!

First things first: their homemade bread was beautiful. But their homemade sundried tomato butter was PHENOMENAL. I try to avoid bread and butter (despite absolutely loving it) because it fills me up, but we (accidentally) cleared the lot of this. If they sold blocks I’d buy them.

Duck Leg & Potato Cannelloni, with Peach Sorrel & Pumpkin

This was my order – a beautifully crisp cannelloni stuffed with beautiful duck meat. The addition of peach was perfect as this dish was very rich and meaty.

Pigeon Breast, Puy Lentils, Red Cabbage, Smoked Bacon & Blackberries

Speaking of rich and meaty! This was friend’s order and I nicked a sample of the pigeon which was absolutely gorgeous. I have only tried pigeon a couple of times and usually my problem is that it’s too rare. This was blushing perfectly and the flavour was just gorgeous.

Roasted Venison Loin, Butternut Squash, Kale & Wild Mushrooms with a Honey and Five Spice Sauce

This was the most comforting, wintery wonderful dish ever. It can’t be explained too much because it was just a collection of beautiful ingredients which complement one another beautifully.

Steak with Chips

All I can say is: my friend orders medium-well steak. And it was still juicy. So they must do a decent steak!

Pictured below are our sides. I know what you’re thinking: death by carbs. That’s just how we roll when ordering sides.

Can we all take a minute to wonder who invented gratin potatoes and just admire their gift to the world?! For someone who ate too much bread at the start, I really did the damage on this side!

Sadly, the macaroni cheese was totally bland and we barely touched it. It was so disappointing.

I wanted a dessert, but my potato and bread consumption prevented that. So I had a wee hot chocolate which was the perfect way to end a seriously beautiful winter dinner!

I will absolutely be returning here, now that I know it exists!


Cottiers, 93-95 Hyndland St, Glasgow, G11 5PU


0141 357 5825



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