Mozza Pizzeria, Glasgow

If I’m going to love anything more than brunching, it’s gotta be eating pizza.

Pizza is like a cuddle when you’re sad, fun when you’re bored and nourishment when you’re hungover. I just absolutely love pizza and I eat a lot of it.

My blog and Instagram could go a while without any new posts because I’m repeating on pizzas. Luckily, I tried a new pizza place!

Mozza was a reminder to me that I’ve gotten far too comfortable with where I eat pizza. This place has been under my nose for ages but I just haven’t deviated from my norm.

On the menu, I saw that the average price was about £8ish for pizza which I think is amazing value. When our bill came, we realised it was only £5 as it was lunchtime midweek. A FIVER!! Astounding value!

I ordered this beautiful pizza with a tomato and spicy ‘nduja sauce, tons of mozzarella and ricotta cheeses, Ventricina salami and fresh basil. It was just to die for.

This was an incredible pizza – not too much different from Paesano – see my blog post here – but I might go ahead and say it was marginally better!



39 Renfield Street, Glasgow, G2 1JS

0141 2214508



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