‘Babs, Glasgow 

When I heard that Bread Meats Bread was opening a gourmet kebab house, I was pretty excited! think of all the grilled meat!

‘Babs was different to what I expected – I was expecting something similar to BMB but this place is beautifully tiled and decorated, serving beautiful plates of delicious summery food –  grilled meat, cool tzatziki, brightly coloured salad arrangements with chunky melon, tomato and cucumber, pickled goods and salty cheeses. ‘Babs – I’m all over it!

I nicked those two photos from their social media to show you what it looks like.




The skinniest fries in existance. With a beautifully chunky tzatziki for dippin’. As the food came out I think I put that tzatziki on just about everything! Our table ordered a mixture of things to share in addition to our own orders. My favourite way to dine!

Can I just say that feta and watermelon together are just HEAVEN.

James Vs Burger put up a preview of this burger and to be honest the picture did nothing for me – I’m not huge on burgers at the best of times, so it wasn’t surprising I wasn’t enticed by the photo. I need to be in the mood for burgers. When I was given a piece to try – WOAH – the taste of this burger was absolutely delicious. I was shocked by how much I enjoyed it!

One of every houmous please! And a tzatziki too, just because. I would recommend doing this because their houmous is so delicious. I wish they had outdoor seating because during summer this would be amazing with a bottle of wine.

The Glasgow Food Geek highly recommends these (to the point of screeching and physically shoving the plate in my face, and with intense eyes she demands I try them, TRYYY THEMMMM! These little friends are Che’Babs are I can see why she’s nuts for them, they’re so tasty! The little beef koftas are small enough to nibble on, dip in sauces or chuck into what you’re eating! Lovely!

I ordered a Doner kebab (coming up next!) but for the table you can order the Doner kebab’s less than classy pal: the Doner fries! Ahhhh memories of drunken nights out! Except this is a high quality version. And I wasn’t drunk. Much.

The main event was my Doner kebab – when in Rome! My wonderful, difficult to properly picture, Doner kebab! As is typical for a kebab, the lamb is spit grilled and wrapped in a flatbread. The picture of the Doner fries gives an accurate look at the beautiful sauces inside – a combination of harissa mayonnaise and harissa chilli sauce.



49 West Nile Street


G1 2PT

0141 4651882




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