Cheese Fest Edinburgh 2018

A CHEESE festival! My life’s dreams and hopes have been realised! I was SO excited about this, and let me tell you, it was 100% worth being excited for!

10/10 for effort for the organisers – having various different items in the foyer for photo opportunities was a wonderful idea!

What a dream. I tasted black cheddar for the first time and really liked it! I wish I bought some to make some seriously creepy mac ‘n’ cheese!

My first pit stop was at The Mac Shac! I opted for the sample size portion of their macaroni cheese and topped it with some crispy chorizo. It was absolutely gorgeous!

You can find them here: @TheMacShac

This vendor didn’t seem to have an actual brand, it was just a stall called exactly what they were selling: Halloumi Fries! I personally find halloumi fries overrated – I haven’t disliked them, but just never really seen them as anything other than ordinary. These ones however, were utterly wonderful – the batter was thin and crisp and the cheese gooey rather than rubbery. Amazing.

Reuben Poutine! Chips ‘n’ gravy, cheese curds, pastrami, mustard and pickles. This was the show stopper for me! I absolutely LOVE poutine, and this didn’t disappoint. It was actually tastier than one I ate in Montreal – so that’s gotta count for something?

Find them here: @BcCanteen

Let’s move on to the treats I took away with me! Some delicious chutney from Ginger Beards Preserves (@GingerBeardsP) – my cheese toasties are about to get pimped out!

And finally – I bought myself a tidy 600g of raclette cheese…to melt into various items. Stay tuned….

To follow the Cheese Festival, find their Facebook page here!

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