CATCH Fish & Chips, Giffnock

I’ll cut to the chase – if you love seafood: GO HERE.

My friend recommended this place to me a few weeks ago, and since he did I couldn’t get his pictures of the food out of my head. My sister fancied a wee drive and some lunch so this was the first place that popped into my head! She probably had a more scenic drive in mind but I was gunning for Giffnock!

Fish Pakora with House dip

Yuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm! Oh my lord – look at that orange batter! The pakoras were huge but light and filled with proper chunks of fish fillets in their delicate batter. This was served with a cool but nippy sauce.

Grilled Chilli Prawn Tacos with Lime & Coriander Slaw and Chipotle Mayonnaise

Mammy daddy! I love tacos and it’s hard for me to find fault in a taco to be honest. But the flavours in this were just beautiful! The smoky chipotle sauce with the tangy and creamy coleslaw was my favourite – it’s fairly unusual for me to find smoky flavours like this with prawns. The prawns themselves were plump and tender and packed with sweet and spicy flavour. These are a must-try, and I will definitely reorder them!

Isle of Mull Mac ‘n’ Cheese

This is where our only negative appears in the story: they had no lobster left for the lobster mac ‘n’ cheese.

After a minutes silence to grieve and say our prayers, we both had to change our order. My sister decided to go ahead with the mac ‘n’ cheese (sans lobster) and it was really tasty. Isle of Mull cheddar packs a fair punch so this was a crackin’ good macaroni cheese!

Haddock & Twice-Cooked Chips

I decided to go for good ole fish ‘n’ chips – because CATCH is a chippy with a take away after all! Again, much like the pakora, the gorgeous piece of fish was in this light and delicious batter and cooked to utter perfection. I absolutely loved their salad and tartare sauce that came with it.

Pointless information: I ordered a side of peas, and accidentally said ‘yes’ when I meant ‘no’ when the waiter asked if I wanted them mushy. I dislike marrowfat peas, and what I actually wanted was the buttery, minty garden peas. It was a total brain fart moment and I was less than pleased with myself! I ate some and they were ok!

You’re given a little atomiser filled with vinegar which I think a a really cute idea…except the vinegar in mine was SO weak, you couldn’t taste it and could barely smell it. So strange! Luckily there was vinegar on the table which was normal!

I absolutely loved my visit here and I would absolutely urge anyone to visit. Obviously being a fan of seafood is a bonus, but they have other items on the menu if you don’t. I can only assume good things. The portions are very generous and the quality is outstanding – value for money is spot on. I’m definitely going to go back – I really need to try more of their wonderful food!


CATCH Fish & Chips

186 Fenwick Road, Glasgow, G46 6XF



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