The Mussel Inn, Glasgow

I love my seafood, so it was only a matter of time before I opened the door of The Mussel Inn! I’ve walked past the restaurant hundreds of times, and this weekend I finally tried it out!

My friends and I decided to treat ourselves to an evening of good food and prosecco, and this was a great place to do it!

Tiger Prawns

The flavour from these prawns was absolutely incredible – I absolutely loved them. They had a strong Cajun taste and were very moreish.

Grilled Queenies

The grilled queening scallops were beautifully presented with black pudding, cherry tomatoes and a yellow bell pepper dressing. I really liked that dish was decorated with lovely viola flowers – I don’t care what people say, flowers are the perfect garnish! The whole dish was gorgeous, and despite not being totally convinced by a yellow pepper dressing, I really liked it!

Goats Cheese

My order was the deep fried breaded goat’s cheese which was served with a homemade sweet tomato chutney. Now, I hate to be negative, but this dish was a bit disappointing for one reason only – there was only really one dimension to it: the cheese. The portion size of the cheese was perfect, and the breadcrumb use was seriously tasty – clearly home made and gorgeously seasoned. But there was hardly any of the chutney – not enough to balance all of the cheese, and then that was it. The sad looking greenery on the top should’ve been a salad with this dish. I think the simplicity looks good, but is lacking in the taste and texture department!

½ kilo of Mussels with chips

Sadly this is the best photo I could get of the mussels – they’re such a pain to try and capture! I had drooled over the options on the menu for mussels, but the special for the day absolutely stole my attention. I had the Red Thai mussels which was an absolutely gorgeous dish with a smooth coconut broth flavoured with chilli, lemongrass and ginger. It was absolutely divine, especially when I got to soak up the broth using the bread!

Two of us had this and loved it. My other friend ordered a steak which was cooked perfectly, but she smeared sauce over it before I could take a picture – THE OUTRAGE!

I know I had some negatives to report, but in all sincerity I recommend this place. The staff members who served us were all really friendly and lovely, and the food really was delicious. My negatives are just my preference after all. I’m definitely planning to come back – I need to taste their mussels with bacon, cream and blue cheese! It sounds amazing!


157 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 2UG

08432 892283



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