The Counter Burgers, Glasgow


I was recently invited to try out The Counter – a burger joint in Glasgow’s Springfield Quay. I do enjoy a burger and haven’t been out for one in a long while, so I was rather excited! By the time it came to going, and after a hard day at work I was absolutely CHOKING for a cheeseburger!

The Counter is nicely decorated and has a huge windowed wall which looks out into the water, so it’s lovely and bright – but my photos show off their cool lighting and burger/bar look.

We clocked the milkshake menu and couldn’t resist dabbling! But by dabbling, I don’t mean that we took advantage of the cool option to invent our own milkshakes and lace them with booze…no, we were lured by the descriptions and impulse purchased the pre made recipes!

My friend ordered the Banana Shake and it was gorgeous with butterscotch sauce-dipped bananas.

With the release of Ben & Jerry’s birthday cake ice cream still fresh in my mind, in my excitement, I impulse purchased the Birthday Cake Shake. And I regret nothing! It’s nowhere near as sickening as I thought it might be and it’s loaded with chunks of actual cake. I feel like they could’ve gone further with the sprinkles/decoration though! I want a sparkler, dammit!

We ordered the chilli fries between us as a side.


This would have easily served 4 people as a side order, because it is in fact a meal! The fries were topped with chilli con carne, fresh red onion and sour cream. I have no complaints, but they could definitely up their chilli flavour game, as Glasgow has some very decent chilli competition! That’s not a criticism though – they were genuinely lovely. So lovely, that we didn’t manage all of our burgers!

The Counter Burger

The restaurant’s namesake burger. The sizeable beef patty was topped with provolone, sautéed mushrooms, garlic aioli, lettuce & tomato and the lot was topped with thin and crispy onion rings.

The House of Herby

I decided to DIY it by using their helpful ticky box order sheet!

My beef patty was topped with smoked Northumberland cheese, lettuce, roasted cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumber with a bacon marmalade. On a brioche bun, ’cause I’m basic that way.

Flavour wise: this was glorious. The beef was beautifully flavoured and cooked so it was nice and juicy. I’m totally happy with my combination of toppings – it was very tasty, especially with the bacon marmalade!

The only thing I’d mention as a negative is the presentation – it’s a bit of a lump! The lettuce could’ve been chopped/tidied, and the tomatoes roasted more so that they could be more compact (and richer in flavour).

This is obviously just my personal preference, but as a venue who offer significant personalisation to burgers, I’d like the option for a smashed patty or at least a thinner one, as these were too big for both my jaw and appetite!

All in, I had a great meal here and I’d definitely go back. I liked the sound of a few of their a la carte burgers, and with the DIY options I could see myself experimenting more! I’ll just need a driver for next time so I can liquor-up my shake!


The Counter, Springfield Quay, Glasgow, G5 8NP

0141 4180873



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