Afternoon Tea at the Dilmah Tea Lounge, Glasgow Hilton


The Glasgow Hilton have given their lounge a make over! The Glasgow hotel have installed a Dilmah tea bar and created a new food and drink menu to spoil all of you who fancy an afternoon of indulgence!

I absolutely love the crushed velvet seats! They are absolutely stunning! The entire look of the bar is so classy. I just love it.

Blueberry Iced Tea & Rose & French Vanilla Iced Tea

I’m definitely more of an iced coffee and a hot tea kinda girl, but it was a toasty hot day and the minute I clapped eyes on the picture in the menu, I just had to try the rose & vanilla iced tea! It’s very mild flavoured – if you’re not big on the floral taste you’d probably like it – and the blueberry one was very sweet. They were both so refreshing! I loved them!

I’m going to quote myself here:

“I like afternoon teas. I don’t love them. For two reasons:

1. Egg sandwiches.

2. More sweets than savouries.” 

This afternoon tea didn’t contain my favourite savoury selection of all the afternoon teas I’ve tried. It was great, but not better than Turnberry’s savoury.

But where this afternoon tea has wiped the floor with every other afternoon tea, is that the sweet elements made me forget that I even cared for sandwiches and savoury pastries!

The afternoon tea is served in two parts, starting with the savoury plates on the traditional rack. On top we had:

Roast Angus Beef & Onion Marmalade Sliders

These are a really cute idea! I didn’t love them, as the texture of the slider bun itself was a tad dry, and the minimal slice of beef and overload of marmalade rendered them more of a gimmick than part of the tea that I really enjoyed!

Haggis & Sausage Roll

These were absolutely delicious! I absolutely loved it! I could’ve happily eaten a ton of them! By far one of the nicest afternoon tea elements I’ve tried so far.

The bottom plate contained some sandwiches. They tasted better than they looked, and they looked better than my photo of them!

Maple Glazed Ham with Isle of Mull Cheddar & Tomato Chutney 

I didn’t need to check the menu to tell the type of cheese – you know when you’ve got a mouthful of Mull cheddar. This sandwich packed a mean punch of flavour with the strong cheddar, the rich Chutney and the sweet ham. Delicious.

Oak Smoked Scottish Salmon with Lemon & Black Pepper Butter on Black Cocoa Bread

I absolutely loved these! At first I was disappointed as I thought it was rye bread which I don’t like, but soon realised it was something different. The bread has a tougher, dry texture but a lovely rich flavour. I’m a fan!

I didn’t even get around to trying the scones, but they looked lovely!

As I mentioned, I much prefer savoury foods which is largely why afternoon tea isn’t my first choice of activity. The Dilmah experience changed all that and I was like a moth to the flame when the waiter rolled this over:

The cart of dreams! There was a good mixture of flavours, textures and also a balance of fancy and simple items. Something for everyone! I was so impressed by how visually stunning the food!

I have only described the ones that I tried!

Rhubarb, Yoghurt & Oat Granola

Lemon Meringue Verrine

Oh this was a tangy one! This was a beautiful lemon posset covered with a crumble mixture and meringue. It was such a simple but tasty treat!

Passionfruit Tart & Raspberry Tart

These were both so stunning – visually and their taste! Gorgeous pastry for both and the raspberry tart had a very light and creamy filling, and the Passionfruit tart had a creamy yet tangy filling. Both had very tart toppings which just made the whole thing perfect. I could’ve eaten them over and over!

Coconut, Pineapple & Passionfruit with Yoghurt & Meringue

My expectations weren’t met with this one but only because of the yoghurt. It was so tart, when I expected a coconut flavour from it. The meringue pieces with the fruits were lovely, but I think a sweeter yoghurt would’ve worked better.

Carrot & Walnut Cake with Praline Mousse

Strawberry & Mango Petit Gateaux

First things first – let’s take a look inside this beautiful little parcel…

This was GORGEOUS. I was absolutely loving the bright and shiny red casing, but the taste was so beautiful too. It was served very, very cold so the tart mango and the sweet raspberry mousse just complemented one another and the dessert just refreshed your palate.

Chocolate & Earl Grey Cremeaux

This was an odd one. I didn’t love it. I didn’t dislike it. And I would’ve just kept eating it anyway, and I think eventually I’d like it? It’s one of those strange flavours that becomes addictive due to your curiosity of it!

White Chocolate Éclair with Raspberry Glaze

This was so delicious. My friend didn’t feel that she could taste the white chocolate enough, but I really could. It was so creamy and sweet that I found it very comfortable to eat – I could’ve eaten a dangerous number of them!

All in, my afternoon tea experience was amazing. I can honestly say that if I wanted to indulge my sweet tooth I’d cart myself off to The Hilton. For £24.50 per person with unlimited access to the cart, I think this is an amazing deal. I was so impressed by the desserts in particular, but the entire experience was amazing.


Hilton, 1 William Street, Glasgow, G3 8HT

0141 2045555



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