Tuk Tuk Indian Street Food, Glasgow

Hands up if you like Indian food!

I am a massive fan of all foods Indian! Glasgow has a wide range of Indian restaurants – from traditional to contemporary, north to south and tandoori to street food. There is something for everyone! Tuk Tuk was on my hit list and I’m excited to share the details with you!

I won’t describe the interior because y’all call see it’s bright and funky.

Mint Mambo Cooler

Someone might have mentioned somewhere on social media that it’s roasting outside just now. I was sweltering hot when arrived and this was exactly what I needed – an ice cold limey cooler. It has the taste of a mojito but none of the crushed ice and pesky bits of mint getting stuck in your straw.

Thums Up is the Indian branding of Coca-Cola. Ironically it tastes like Pepsi.

Chicken Lollipops

Keralan spiced chicken wings – delightfully manicured into easily eaten lollies!

Bengali Fishcakes

I loved that these are referred to as ‘railway station patties’! These were really packed with flavours and had a good hit from the dried chillies. The fish cakes are delicious with and without the mint and yoghurt sauce, but I would always dip!

Chicken 69

I meant to ask what the name meant, so for now that’s a mystery. Essentially they are spiced chicken strips with a dip, and the sauce looks fiery as hell but it’s actually very sweet which was surprising!

Chicken Tikka

Oh my word. The chicken tikka is SO gorgeous. And I mean absolutely freaking delicious – very tender chicken but strong punchy flavour! Served with a cool yoghurt dip and side salad.

Paneer Tikka

This was the same idea as the chicken tikka except arranged on a kebab with peppers. I’m not a massive fan of paneer. Obviously I like it – it’s cheese for crying out loud! – but it’s also pretty tasteless and I’m a flavour junkie. When there was so much food on the table, sadly I just ignored this one!

Butter Paneer

As I said before, paneer doesn’t exactly excite me in any way. But if I wanted to go for something vegetarian but in line with my usual order, then I’d go for this. Butter curry sauce makes everything better!

Lamb Kolhapuri

I ordered this because the description read as being similar to a Bhuna which is a curry I really love. The lamb is slow cooked ensuring a luxurious, delicate meat that’s absolutely steeped in the flavours of coriander, chilli and black pepper. It was absolutely delicious (especially dipping chips into it FYI).

Butter Chicken

A classic. Such a smooth and luxurious sauce which is easily the most comforting thing you could ever eat from an Indian restaurant! The chicken within the curry was lovely, but the chicken tikka added to it was absolute luxury!

Pau Bhaji

This is a classic street food dish of mashed potato and peas served with a buttered Pau bun. It looked nothing like I expected, mainly because I wasn’t expecting a curry sauce. It was like a thick curry with the potato blended in – it had nice flavours and the Pau bun was lovely – crispy and buttery. I did enjoy it, but I still don’t really know where I stand with ordering it again!

Now, we ate a lot. But tasting the desserts had to happen. There were two specials so we tried them both!

Mango Mastani

This is puréed mango goodness. The puréed mango is paired with sugar syrup, vanilla ice cream, cream, cardamom powder and ground nuts (not pictures as I asked for them to be omitted!) – it tastes exactly like what it says on the tin. Totally gorgeous!


This is the weirdest dessert I’ve ever eaten in terms of looks and ingredients, but I really loved it and would go as far as saying that it’s perfect after an Indian meal. My main reason for this is because it’s light and creamy, cold and refreshing. Like a very light Ambrosia creamed rice but with an almost tasteless, sweet fruit throughout. That doesn’t sound flattering, so just try it yourself and tell me how you’d describe it! What it actually is, is: basil seeds, vermicelli, sugar syrup, vanilla ice cream, cream, fruit cocktail and cardamom powder. Genius, really.

We ordered naan, rice and chips but in my excitement I forgot to photograph them. All were absolutely spot on and I wiped the curry bowls and my plate clean with the naan!

My final comment on this place is regarding the ridiculous MESS that is the situation with Sauchiehall Street due to the GSOA fire. This poor restaurant (amongst many others) is sitting right on the dug-up part of Sauchiehall Street. So many of you may miss walking past it and smelling the beautiful smells and being lured in! I recommend people make a point of walking up, walking in, and ordering themselves some delicious Indian street food


Tuk Tuk, 426 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JD

0141 3322126




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