The Atlantic Bar & Brasserie, Glasgow

I was meeting up with some good friends recently and had this place recommended to me. When I saw the menu I was very excited – they have an elegant menu with all the things I love on it! I was ready for a slap up meal!

Les Noix de Saint Jacques

I didn’t realise that a St James scallop was the name for a king scallop! There you have it! The scallops were served with black pudding, Bromley apple purée and balsamic reduction. The apple purée was perfectly sharp to compliment the black pudding, and the Scottish scallops were cooked perfectly.

Les Gambas

I’m going to be so blunt here: this was just a huge disappointment. The king prawns were served in a Calvados apple brandy, beurre Blanca and chilli oil sauce. This was served with toasted bread and rocket. The sauce itself was tasty, but really the dish as a whole was bland. A wad of really dry bread, nice enough prawns but nothing really special – I had to eat around the tails which was annoying and the seeds/Pepper in the sauce have a gritty texture. I ditched the rocket, ate the prawns, tried to dip the bread but it was just so dry and…blah. I think this one needs some tweaking.

Le Demi Poulet

This chicken was absolutely delicious. Cooked with lemon, honey, paprika and thyme and cooked on the spit. The meat was succulent and the flavours were incredible. It was so delicious we stripped it to the bone!

Le Magret de Canard

The Barbary duck was cooked to perfection and wash blushing appropriately! The gorgeous meat was served with Lyonnaise potatoes and spinach with Griottines (boozy cherries) sauce and orange gremolata. Duck is just made for fruity flavours so this was a really rich, silky and luxurious tasting dish.

La Poitrine du Porc

This was absolutely delicious – total comfort food! The smoked honey glazed pork belly was stuffed with chorizo, raisins and herbs and was served on top of some seriously smooth mash. It was then surrounded by a seriously beautiful cassoulet of pancetta, Toulouse sausage and beans. That was my favourite part to be honest, it was to die for! The dish was covered in a gorgeously rich onion gravy. I can be a bit squiffy with fat on meat, and pork belly like this can make me a bit uncomfortable, but this was SO beautifully cooked!

Shout out to the sides – the French green beans with shallots are top notch! I don’t have a picture of the fries but they are perfect – thin and crisp!

Remember that beautiful cassoulet I mentioned earlier? It is also available as a side order! Praise be!

Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Cheesecake

I’m “off” cheesecake – I sickened myself a few years ago, so I never order it anymore. I tasted a piece of this one and OH MY it was absolutely stunning!

Martini Saint Jean – Noix de Saint Jean walnut liqueur, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua & milk

We had a lovely evening here. My one and only complaint is that the Bouillabaisse wasn’t available on the menu. It genuinely broke my heart! I’ve been dying to eat it since visiting Samphire in Inveraray, but I haven’t seen it on any menus in Glasgow. That aside, I loved my visit here. A gorgeous bar and restaurant and really lovely and attentive staff. The food is high quality and well prepared, and perfectly reasonably priced. Definitely one to visit again!


The Atlantic Bar & Brasserie, 12-16 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G1 2EU

0141 2210220



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