Lagom Kitchen, Glasgow

I have been Instagram stalking Lagom Kitchen for a few months – in fact, probably since they first opened – because all their food just looks so pretty, but you can tell it’s also delicious!

As always, I follow through on my Instagram stalking and try the places out. I was NOT disappointed!

Such a bright and calm vibe in the cafe. Just lovely. Aaaand I got parked really easily outside – which I was delighted with – the south side is an absolute nightmare for parking usually!

Toasted Sourdough, Avocado, Beetroot Houmous, Pickles & Fried Egg

I mean seriously, how pretty is that fried egg?! A PRETTY FRIED EGG. I can’t cope with how gorgeous everything looks here. I love it! This beautiful dish was a pickle lover’s dream! The delicious plate was topped with seeds, chilli and chives as well as beautiful little flowers – I want to say they’re pansies but I can’t be sure! Does anyone know?

Corn Fritters, Poached Eggs, Avocado, Crispy Bacon & Tomato Salsa

This was totally incredible. Probably one of the most delicious combinations I’ve tasted in ages. The crispy fritters and their accompaniments were drizzled with coriander leaves, chopped chives and a chilli oil. This is the best brunch dish I’ve had this year!

I didn’t try any of the home baking items because I wanted to keep the taste of my corn fritters in my mouth forever. My friend did though, and she loved her cake! I just sat with my mug of tea.

Shout out to their beautiful, large tea mugs! I am HERE for that! So sick of cafes with their dainty tea cups which you need to replenish every three gulps!

If you love a brunch, I urge you to come here. I am sorely tempted by several items on their menu…but feel pretty certain I’ll never try them because I will keep ordering the corn fritters. We sat in Lagom for 4 hours chatting, so I might just go earlier next time and have a breakfast then sit and blether until it’s time for an early dinner so I can have both!

I’m a genius.


Lagom Kitchen, 76 Victoria Road, Glasgow, G42 7AA

0141 237 2424



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