Absurd Bird, Glasgow


I kick started my weekend with a visit to Absurd Bird – which I personally think should be renamed to Absurd Burd given that it’s in Glasgow…but then that’s also probably why nobody would ask for my advice on naming a restaurant.

The American themed chicken restaurant and bar opened on Nelson Mandela Square during summer and can be found just off Buchanan Street so it’s perfectly central and within a quick walk from the train stations.

Spinach & Artichoke Dip with fried Torillas

This is probably the best thing I’ve eaten ever. Oh my god. It’s just so, SO GOOD. The rich, creamy and cheesy dip is absolutely to die for. We didn’t finish it all but kept it on the table to dip other things into it and it really does go with everything. The tortillas are beautifully light and crispy. I would happily just order this and have a few drinks if I wasn’t up for a big meal.

Fried Pickles with Ranch Dressing

These are beautiful. We absolutely love pickles of all descriptions so deep fried pickles were an easy choice. They didn’t disappoint! Small and thin pickles were used so you can properly taste both the pickle and the batter which I really liked – other places use chunkier pickles which I personally don’t think is the best choice. The pickles retained their crunch and spicy vinegar flavour and the ranch sauce (or the spinach & artichoke dip) were perfect accompaniments.

For my main course, every fibre of my being wanted to order wings. There is one reason I didn’t: they do the full wings (the Z shaped ones). I’m a dainty little petal and need them trimmed down. I don’t know if you can ask for that?! I should enquire next time as I do love a chicken wing session…

Dirty Pulled Chicken Waffle

This was a very heavy dish – total comfort food! For me, if I was to order this again I’d need to pass on a starter in order to finish it! The waffles are beautifully sweet and soft and despite the toppings, you can still taste them. They’re really lovely. The chicken was BBQ flavoured, but it wasn’t the strong and smoky flavour I expected and actually felt like more of a gravy, which did taste lovely and mild. The sour cream and jalapeños have a lovely spicy and mild combination, but I ignored the guacamole as it was pre-made bottle stuff rather than fresh and I’m a total snob about my guac! Overall, a really hearty comfort dish!

Mac & Cheese

YES. This is what I want when I order a side of mac ‘n’ cheese. Hell, this is what I want when I order a dish of it! This is a really lovely macaroni with mild cheesiness, but is very creamy and is topped with mozzarella for that stringy good fun! Delicious.

Pro tip: stir in some left over spinach & artichoke dip. You’re WELCOME.

Chicken Tenders

This seems like a relatively boring thing to order, but actually, it’s sheer genius. The chicken is beautifully tender – they’re gorgeous and versatile. You pick two dips, and then go wild with sides. That’s my action plan for when I go back!

We tried out the honey-mustard mayonnaise which was lovely, and the Xtreem Hot which seemed deceptively tame until you were a few bites in! It has that Encona/Tabasco type peppery heat going on!

We enjoyed the live music whilst sampling some of the cocktails – which, for the quality, are a bargain at £5.95 each. In Glasgow you can pay £8 for a bloody French Martini *rolls eyes*, so what you’re going to see next shows you some real value!

Chicken Rum – Dark rum, apricot brandy, citrus liqueur, lime juice & bitters

Bramble – Chambord, gin, lemon juice & simple syrup

Hooch – Absurd Bird Moonshine, elderflower, fresh lemon juice & soda

Tiki Dark Shine – Absurd Bird Moonshine, dark rum & ginger beer

FYI – their Moonshine is akin to vodka in terms of flavour!

And also – my boyfriend is consistently irritated by rubbish pints of beer (he explains the science of it being to do with the maintenance of the pipes etc) and he said his pints of Budweiser were the best he’d had in Glasgow. Not the cheapest, but by far the most enjoyable.

We scooped up our leftovers and headed home slightly buzzed and completely stuffed.

We will definitely be back!


3 Stock Exchange, Nelson Mandela Place, Glasgow, G2 1QY

0141 378 5001




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