Mac ‘n’ Cheese Mondays @ Fork & Field, Mid Calder


I absolutely loooove macaroni cheese – I mean, I was practically raised on the stuff! I’m always happy to try out different cafe and restaurants’ take on the classic. I was invited along to Fork & Field which is in Mid Calder, near Livingston.

The gorgeous country inn has recently been renovated to give such a gorgeous surround for your meal. What I really love is how much character the place has – up-cycled doors/shutters made into tables, the countless nic nacs around the bar and restaurant, gorgeous home made cushions and an amazing piece of art made entirely from cutlery! All of those features being designed and made by the owners.

Onto the food!

Pate served with Chutney & Homemade Crostinis

The pate really beautiful and smooth which was really easy to eat. The chutney was perfect with it, and both of us loved the herby home made crostinis.

Haggis Neeps & Tattie Stack with Whisky Cream

This was so beautiful and comforting, especially now the cold weather has crept in! I absolutely love a traditional haggis!

All combinations of the mac ‘n’ cheese are just £10 and include a free soft drink which is a bargain because the portions are huge! They have several options and each sounds more delicious than the last! Each is made with mature cheddar and mozzarella and is topped with a herby breadcrumb.

Here’s what we ordered:

Make Mac Great Again

I think I felt tempted to order Thai after my visit to Absurd Bird, as I have fried chicken on the brain! This gorgeous buttermilk fried chicken was so beautifully tender – it was phenomenal. I actually ended up just eating it on its own – I had only intended to chop it up and mix it into the pasta but I couldn’t stop eating it! The streaky bacon was gorgeous, and the subtlety of the maple syrup was really tasty. I personally prefer my mac ‘n’ cheese a little more saucy, however it might have been too much with the toppings!

I couldn’t finish this portion and brought it home with me – my boyfriend said it was absolutely amazing – and that was it microwaved!

Flying Scotsman

This version of the mac ‘n’ cheese contained chunks of haggis and was topped with crispy red onions and whisky sauce. This was unbelievable, and although I only had a few bites I think this one was actually my favourite. The lack of cheesy sauce lent itself particularly well to this version. I didn’t know what to expect with the onions, but they’re almost dehydrated to give a crispy but light texture. I totally recommend this!

Rosemary & Parmesan Fries

Garlic Bread with Cheese

I really wanted to try the Mexican version, and I actually saw a waiter take a plate past me at one point. It looked INSANE. They also do burger Thursdays, so it’s going to be a tough call which I go back for first…

If you want to visit, here is a tip to save you some money! They’re offering a deal where you will receive 10% off your meal if you check in on social media, upload a photo of your mac ‘n’ cheese and used the hashtag #MacMondays – excellent!


36 Bank Street, Mid Calder, EH53 0AR

01506 880677


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