A hidden gem – Pietruccio’s, Hamilton

Pietruccio’s is a darling little Italian restaurant tucked away in a tiny street in Hamilton. The street is one that many people don’t even realise exists due to how tucked away it is! Pietruccio’s isn’t Italian in the way that I’d associate most Italian restaurants – ones with very much standardised menus. Pietruccio’s is run by Pino who designs unique tasting menus and he cooks everything – or at very least tastes everything – before it leaves his kitchen.

The restaurant is a tiny little nook with a beautifully romantic ambience. This is largely due to the fairy lit ceiling which I absolutely adore! I couldn’t get enough of the sparkles reflecting off all of the wine glasses and bottles in the room! Their fully stocked bar also catches the light and illuminates the room – it’s just so cosy and charming.

With that in mind: the lighting doesn’t lend itself well to taking photographs without the use of a flash, so please note that everything looked so much better in real life!

Pacherri with Lamb Ragu

This was probably the most stereotypical Italian dish out of all those that I tried, and it tasted exactly how you’d imagine. It had the classic Italian pasta dish feel. A beautiful combination of meaty lamb coupled with garlic. The pacherri was lovely, although cooked a little too al dente for my personal taste, but not enough so that I didn’t enjoy it.

Ligurian Lasagne

This looks so beige, and being a lasagne it’s hard to position it elegantly – this could be a description of myself without fake tan, but I am indeed talking about a lasagne! The Ligurian lasagne is so beautiful as it replaces the bolognese sauce with a pesto sauce – as much as lasagne is comfort food, this is seriously indulgent comfort food! The creamy layers involved string beans, finely sliced potato and the pesto mixed with the sauce. It tasted divine! Like a creamy pesto cuddle.

Ham, Mushroom & Black Truffle Pancakes

I probably ate this in under 30 seconds. Oh my god – it was SO delicate and delicious, let me tell you! Truffle is a flavour that I could die for – the flavour is so luxurious and intensely earthy, especially coupled with its earthy friend mushrooms. The tasty mixture was wrapped up in a delicate pancake and sealed with a spring onion. A seriously lovely dish! FYI that buttery sauce tastes like God’s sweat.

Lobster Ravioli

This is a terrible, terrible photo and for that I apologise. This is the best camera Apple were offering at the time I renewed my phone contract. The delicious ravioli parcels were served in a saffron cream ragout with tiny chunks of courgette and prawn. Another, truly, delicious offering from Pino!

Mascarpone Tart

I was debating a couple of dessert dishes and I was told to get this because it tastes like a dream. I can confirm this: it’s a dream in pastry! It’s so difficult to describe the actual flavour because it’s so creamy, sweet and plain, and that’s all I can really say. It was just beautiful. The salted caramel gelato was beautiful with it too!

Santa Marghertia – Pinot Grigio – Valdadige 2017

This wine is so beautiful – very light and has a delicate fruity flavour like pears. Definitely one for drinking in the summer sun in particular, but as I’m posting this in winter you’ll gather I’d be able to drink it all year round – I’m committed to the cause.

I absolutely loved my first visit to Pietruccio’s and I know it won’t be my last! I cannot recommend Pino and his fabulous team enough! The beautifully romantic setting, friendly faces, slow pace for dining and just truly beautiful Italian home cooking. An absolute pleasure!


Pietruccio’s, 30 Campbell Street, Hamilton, ML3 6AS




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