Veganuary 2019 – Week 2

Welcome back to the second instalment of my vegan journey! I’m astounded by how easy I’m finding it to be honest. I definitely felt very bloated to start with – probably just due to the swift change in diet and influx of beans!

I discovered that I absolutely loved soya milk in week one, and moved onto coconut milk in week two. Coconut milk is beautiful – I love the coconut taste in my tea and it would be perfect for lattes (not sure if it would froth mind you? I doubt it). It’s not an every day milk, and like almond milk, I need to use a lot of it per cup of tea so I’d go through it quickly. Soya milk is definitely the one for me! And I plan to keep this going long term.

I love this! I had tried out the Tesco vegan macaroni cheese and to be honest, it’s pretty sad. Nothing horrendous, but yeah, lame. This isn’t a macaroni cheese, but rather a creamy macaroni with really flavoursome roasted mushrooms. A wee drizzle of truffle oil just makes this dish perfect in my opinion!

My lunches at work have so far all been salads and I really can’t get enough! I started on basic falafels and then moved onto these beauts from Aldi! They’re very soft textured without falling apart and have that nice beetroot falafel taste. They’d be great in a bun during summer. I’d want tzatziki on it though.

My darling boyfriend took up a new habit this month: midnight snacking on Chicago Town pizzas. I was beside myself with the smell. Instead of caving, I bought two pizzas from the M&S Plant Kitchen range – a Margherita and a BBQ Jackfruit one. I cut them into snack sizes and froze them for emergency use. Genius!

Has everyone heard of jackfruit before?

I feel like someone has invented some sort of a beefy peach and now vegans are mad for it. It’s everywhere! And I’ve never even heard of it!

I’m loving the M&S range – everything so far has been amazing. People were raving about the popcorn cauliflower, so I had to try it!

I can confirm they’re amazing! So, so tasty! I had a pick ‘n’ mix for my dinner with them, some different dips, houmous and crudités. Brilliant.

My second dining experience as a vegan: Tuk Tuk! My review with details of what I had will be up later this week!

I decided to try out some vegan mince. I genuinely nearly died when I saw it, and nearly cried after I added it to my pot of chilli because it looked so horrendous.

It looked MUCH better when cooked down…

And it tasted great! So I actually would recommend it, but I might try a different option and see, because it does kinda gross me out a bit!

Finally, shout out to rainbow salads. I’m absolutely LOVING them! Between my salads and my houmous addiction I’m chowing through about 3 cucumbers a week! It’s insane!

This doesn’t seem like a massive update, mainly because I’ve been repeating meals and products through sheer enjoyment! Many of these products will become staples for me as time goes on, as I fully intend to limit my animal product use by being vegan until dinner time, and having as many vegan dinners as possible from now on!

Veganuary has been a truly enlightening experience so far!

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