Veganuary 2019 – Tuk Tuk Vegan Menu

If vegan isn’t your thing – click here for my review of their non vegan food!

As part of my Veganuary journey, I have decided to go out for dinner for each week and try things I wouldn’t ordinarily order. If I go out for a meal in February onwards, I definitely won’t focus on vegan options, so now is the time to focus!

Well, I didn’t starve!

Chana Puri

I absolutely adore chana, and I order it all the time from my absolute favourite, The Bombay Cottage – Veganuary or no Veganuary! The chickpeas are in a mildly spiced sauce with a beautifully comforting flavour, and are served with deep fried flatbread. The fresh coriander (I absolutely adore the stuff) makes it for me. Love love love.

Okra Fries

These are strangely addictive! The okra is coated in rice flour and black salt and deep fried like a tempura. They taste of very little, but the tempered sesame chutney served with it is so delicious that you just can’t stop eating them!

Smoked Aubergine

This is the dish that initially attracted me to the vegan menu here, and I think I built them up in my head too much because as much as they were tasty, they weren’t my favourite part of the meal! The baby aubergines were sliced lengthways and topped with chopped tomatoes seasoned with cumin and garlic masala. They were really tasty, and they tasted amazing when I chopped them up and added them to my curry!

Masala Fries

I loved the masala element of these fries, but as far as fries go, these are chips. And I didn’t love them to be honest – I love slim and crispy fries, chips I’ll take or leave!

Spiced Okra Curry

This was so tasty! I’ve gone from probably never eating okra to ordering it twice on one sitting! The okra and onions are sautéed with peppers and tomato and I’m not sure about the spices used, but it has a good kick this curry! It was very fresh and fiery.

I took my second aubergine slice and left over curry to work the next day to eat with salad for my lunch and it was absolutely fabulous. I bloody love tasty leftovers!

I was pretty full, but wanted to experiment with dessert but sadly none of the desserts were vegan. I’m on the hunt for vegan desserts next time I venture out!


Tuk Tuk, 426 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JD

0141 3322126



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