Veganuary 2019 – Week 3

Welcome back to my Veganuary food diary! Week 3 of Veganuary has been pretty slow, and to be honest a large part of that was due to me batch cooking and realising (and accepting) that I have an addiction to Brinner! I can’t get enough.

This will be a relatively short post to share some thoughts with you on the things I tried this week!

Most people on social media have recommended Violife cheese to me. I had been told it’s amazing for melting and has the cheesiest flavour of all the vegan cheeses. I tried it on it’s own – had a wee nibble – and it was pretty bland for replacing real cheese, but a decent effort for a vegan product. It’s definitely better melted, and I came to respect it as a product the more I used it! It was great on pasta or chilli! I have yet to try a toastie!

My vegan chilli with the No Bull mince is delicious, but in particular I have become obsessed with baked potatoes, chilli, Violife cheese and tons of coriander! Amazing!

I’ve found myself to be a prolific rule-breaker during Veganuary. I refuse to believe the use-by dates or shelf life of anything, and I ignore most instructions. My main example of this is that my almond milk said to use within 5 days of opening. I opened it on Monday 7th January and I finished it on Monday 21st as I was using it for cups of tea at work.


It irritates me that such dates can cause food waste totally needlessly.

Rule-breaking example 2:

This delightful aubergine dish from M&S Plant Kitchen said that it isn’t suitable for freezing. In the freezer it went. The whole thing defrosted absolutely fine, even the creamy dip! And it was very tasty – especially with plenty chopped coriander on top!

I had such mixed views on these when I first tried them, but I actually really like them now and looked forward to them for my lunch. The cashews are a bit of a weird addition due to their texture, but ultimately they taste delicious with the sweet carrot and parsnip flavours.

I absolutely love and adore a salad! I really do! The more colours I can introduce, the better. The nut burgers were absolutely lovely with my salads, but I can’t say I’d ever put them in a bun. It would seem wrong.

My weekly macaroni cheese with my gran brought me to try Sainsbury’s macaroni cheese. It was okay. I’m not going to try another brand of vegan macaroni cheese this month, so I’m officially awarding M&S 1st place with their cashew mac, this one second and Tesco 3rd place. I’d planned to make my own, and I maybe still will, but who knows!

My final exploration for this post was in Starbucks. I like coconut milk in my tea, but absolutely not in my latte. I had a coconut iced latte in New York which I LOVED, but this one was, quite frankly, rotten.

I was also irked by the fact that they didn’t have a single vegan option in the cake counter, and the guy actually said “oh we used to have one”. ONE! I had expectations that a huge brand like Starbucks would have more options and was disappointed!

In work today I realised I had no almond/soya milk and I just used cows milk as I was absolutely desperate for a cuppa as my work was Baltic – it genuinely didn’t taste nice. I’m definitely done with cows milk for food and will alternate between almond and soya!

So! That’s me wandering into my final week of Veganuary with the end in sight – this coming Thursday at midnight where I’m treating myself to a pizza! I have really enjoyed Veganuary and I intend to keep many of these products on long term as I’m still discovering new things I’m loving as days go on!

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