Veganuary 2019 – Final Thoughts – Week 4

And just like that…Veganuary will be over at the stroke of midnight tonight! And let me tell you, I have plans for that moment!

But until that moment, I shall remain vegan and not even mention anything but that! So, let me tell you of my discoveries during my last week and a bit!

Here is a preview to the recipe I want to upload – Vegan Korma. The reason I can’t (well, won’t) upload it is because I forgot to take a picture of the finished product before I froze it, doh! What I will say, is that I’m proud of my wee recipe and it was REALLY tasty.

When I get around to defrosting and beautifully positioning my curry in a bowl I will upload the recipe! I also plan to cover some chips in the sauce for a snack.

Vegan mayonnaise – it’s exactly like egg mayonnaise except slightly whiter. Honestly, that’s it. A very easy lifetime swap for me!

Update on the Marks & Spencer’s pizzas that I put into my freezer for emergency use – pretty decent for a Margherita. Their fake cheese was a bit too sparse for my liking – it looked trendy and all that, but come on, I want the cheese. Even if it’s sad, fake cheese. It was nice on its own, but I absolutely felt compelled to douse the entire thing in garlic mayonnaise:

I swear by this instead of buying garlic/chilli mayonnaise in general! Pungent.

I have heard very mixed reviews about Halo Top – many liking the calorie content but saying it lacks the smooth creaminess of “real” ice cream. I was taking a browse in Sainsbury’s and clocked the coconut (I absolutely LOVE everything coconut) ice cream. The fact that I’d just purchased some effervescent vegan bath products was just coincidental destiny.

The coconut Halo Top is seriously gorgeous. I absolutely loved it and had to force myself to eat the tub in two halves. The fact it’s only 320 calories for the whole thing is just golden. Bless those product developers!

Oh man this was so disappointing. So many people talk about how amazing veggie haggis is, and I just didn’t love this at all.

It wasn’t horrendous, and was a decent Saturday breakfast. It just wasn’t delicious like real haggis. It felt too textured with the seeds and grains and it honestly served more of a purpose as a couscous for a salad than haggis, for me. I’m told Simon Howie is the best, so that’ll be my next trial of veggie haggis!

“TRY OAT MILK” Everyone, January 2019.

So I did. I tried an oat milk latte and I LOVED it. Absolutely gorgeous. Oat milk has a higher fat content so its much creamier and it’s perfect for coffee, especially lattes.

Everyone recommends this one, so I bought it and it’s beautiful! It’ll become a regular purchase!

‪Y’all know how much I love Singl-end – see my original blog post here (I’ve edited the old post to add details about this dish!)

I have gone from being someone who literally always orders the Meaty Baked Eggs every time I visit and I always add either feta or halloumi to it. I felt genuinely disgruntled ordering the Vegan Breakfast at the time!

Veganuary has taught me to get out of my own way, out of old habits, and try something totally new. What you’re looking at is their home-made baked beans, chestnut mushrooms, spinach with red onion, roasted sweet potato, sourdough bread with spread and smashed avocado with lemon and chilli. It was absolutely delicious, and I truly recommend it to anyone! I’m glad I did Veganuary because otherwise I’d never have tried this out!‬

I spotted this little gem when taking a stroll around Roots, Fruits & Flowers. The words “stir into hot chocolate” grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. Sadly, it’s a bit salty and I didn’t love it. If anyone reading this has used it successfully let me know!

Of everything ever in Veganuary, I’m happiest that I discovered the sheer joy of a Vegan Brinner. Simply bake your hash browns and Good Life smoky sausages in the oven, mix ratatouille with baked beans and season to taste with garlic and a little sugar (if the ratatouille is too tart), and fry mushrooms in garlic oil and wilt spinach in at the end. Easy and SO tasty with a cuppa. Brinner has formed 60% of my midweek dinners this month and I’m absolutely keeping it up for the rest of my life.

I bought this broccoli, kale, couscous, mint and hazelnut mixture from the deli in Root, Fruits & Flowers. On its own, it doesn’t really amount to much in terms of flavour but it’s a good team player in a salad!

This is the Sweet Home Avocado burger from Bread Meats Bread, with added vegan bacon. I’m going to write a full blog post about this because their vegan menu is literally astounding. I can see myself ordered just vegan food from there from now on (excluding poutine because…poutine)

Stay tuned for the blog post about my visit in the next week!

* wafer is not vegan, I just wanted it for my photo! Sorry!

I do love a Loop & Scoop! I decided to try their Biscoff flavoured gelato as I LOVE Biscoff so much! I wasn’t blown away with this to be honest, but it definitely wasn’t bad. It was strictly average. My friend tasted it and said it’s nothing like the real cream one, so I’m not writing off the flavour idea, I’m just not totally sold on the vegan version!

In the words of Jerry Springer, here are some Final Thoughts on my vegan January…

  1. The attitude towards veganism by a huge number of people is utterly appalling. The comments, opinions and facial expressions range from mild to ridiculous both off and online. PSA: There is nothing wrong with a plant based diet, the vegans eating those diets or ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT. People need to stop turning their nose up at vegan food simply because it’s vegan and just try it. Some dishes taste amazing, some are dire. Like anything! Why hurt/kill an animal when it can be avoided without any compromise on your part? Trial and error – it’s how we wean infants. Some adults need weaning.
  1. It has been relatively easy to change my diet, once I get over my mini tantrums. There are so many tasty items out there – I’m glad Veganuary forced me to open my eyes to all the products I’ve recommended over the last few weeks!
  2. I’ll be a part time vegan from now on. Breakfast, lunch and snacks during the week will be strictly vegan from now on, and I’ll be part time vegan during evenings and at weekends. My chilli will stay vegan, and I will continue with the vegan dinners I have enjoyed and I’m hoping to look for more to add to my list!
  1. Soy milk is brilliant. I love it and I’m going to permanently move to it, with the odd almond milk at work. I had a cuppa with cows milk the other day out of desperation and it genuinely tasted rank, so I’m definitely done on that front.
  1. I am shocked at how many products contain MILK. It’s everywhere! And in so many products where it just seems irrelevant – hash browns for example. Food manufacturers need to get onto this and look at ways to reduce their use of animals as far as possible and open up their products to vegans.
  2. I was disturbed to learn a bit about vitamin B12. There is constant chatter from “anti-vegans” about how vegans don’t get B12 because they don’t eat meat, and that vegans need to use supplements. WELL…that is true, they do need to supplement with B12, but only reason for that is because the animals we take the meat is from are supplemented. So it’s the same thing, except an animal has to die for it to work. B12 is rarely found in our meat naturally these days due to modern farming techniques. It’s fascinating when you look into it and realise the misconceptions!
  3. And my final thought is this: being totally vegan is amazing for your body and much more sustainable for the planet – there is no debate on either. But it’s okay to not be a strict vegan. What’s most important, is that we all take notice of what we are eating, where it comes from, and what impact that food is having on both our body and our planet. If you’re not doing those things, you’re just being reckless.


    1. My boyfriend is allergic to most vegan protein alternatives, so it has been difficult to manage both of us on completely separate diets. Another reason is just how limited the options are at times, and how I missed certain foods and just felt a bit limited with what I could eat or cook. So I’d like to keep my options slightly open for a small amount of time each week!

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