El Perro Negro, Finnieston Glasgow

I’m updating my El Perro Negro review to include the all burgers I’ve tried to date – I’m racking up a list now!

El Perro Negro originally shot right up my ‘go-to’ list when a photo of a certain Reuben-inspired burger popped up on my social media. I HAD to try it. And I’ve been obsessed with this place ever since. I love that their burgers aren’t massive OTT monsters that I can’t finish. I hate having to remove a patty and saw it it half down the middle so I can eat it, or have to resort to a knife and fork situation with a burger to avoid dislocating my jaw. I love that they’re creative yet stay simple.

The small but perfectly formed restaurant is found on the west end of Argyle Street (Finnieston) and sits directly on the end of the road leading down to The Hydro…ten guesses where I’ll be going after/before (before and after?!) my next gig?

I would personally recommend that if you’re there with a burger buddy, you each order a burger then share fries and wings. I base that on my comfort levels with portions! I really like all of their fries, but their basic skin on fries with the truffle mayo is just EVERYTHING. I would quite frankly put it on anything! The fries are my ideal too – skin on, skinny cut but not so skinny that you lose the nice fluffy centre, and cooked to crispy perfection.

Black Dog

The restaurant’s namesake burger! The beef patty was topped with bone marrow butter (the name alone makes me drool), burger cheese, black pudding, caramelised onion, pickles and burger sauce. It was absolutely gorgeous and whilst I wouldn’t necessarily remove the black pudding, I think the burger would’ve been delicious both with it and without it.


I was first made aware of this burger on Instagram, and having now ordered it a few times here I can assure you that it looks and tastes even better than I imagined it. I didn’t even realise there was a beef patty involved when I ordered at first – I thought it was all pastrami! I was worried it would be too much…..it wasn’t. It was perfect. The burger was topped with dat sexy bone marrow butter, plenty Swiss cheese, pastrami, pickles and American mustard. It was absolutely stunning and I can’t tell you of any other burgers anywhere on this planet that I’ve enjoyed this much.

Well, until….

Top Dog

I have visited El Perro Negro a few times now and I’m a pretty consistent NYC burger order, but for some reason I was just craving that blue cheese flavour on this last visit. Oh my word. The NYC is amazing, but I shockingly might even like this more! The bacon was so thick and smoky – unlike any other bacon I’ve had on a burger with how meaty it was. And those caramelised onions are so beautiful. The Roquefort bone marrow butter didn’t disappoint, and I can definitely say for certain that I’ll be ordering this again!

SPECIAL – Kimchi Cult

Sadly this was a pop up collaboration, so it was only there for a limited time. But it was absolutely delicious. Kimchi melted into double cheese is a thing of sheer beauty. The fact that it was sitting on top of a juicy burger with pickles and gochujang mayonnaise was just the dream! I’d love to see this collaboration happen again!

Buffalo Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce

One thing I miss terribly about Burger Meats Bun is the chicken wings. I used to order one of each type instead of a burger sometimes. If you’re like me and loved their wings: you’ll love these because it was like traveling back in time. Beautifully tender chicken with a rich and spicy glaze. Perfect.

I don’t think I need to say much more: I bloody loved it. By far the best burger in town.


El Perro Negro

964 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8LU




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