Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow & Edinburgh

Bread Meats Bread is a Scottish burger chain in Glasgow (city centre and west end) and Edinburgh which is highly regarded due to their ever consistent approach to amazing food.

Some of these pictures are from the original post I wrote about BMB a few years ago, and I’m just updating and revamping the blog post because as much as I loved them in 2016, I’m loving them so much more in 2019!… here’s why!

Hot Rod

This here is a simple but brilliant burger. It even looks delicious. A delicious patty with plenty cheese, buffalo sauce, chillies and jalapeños. It wasn’t too spicy but had the right kick. It was majestic. One thing I love is the ability to hold it to eat it, and also (mainly) that I’m able to fit it in my mouth. A classic burger experience with all the cheese and heat I’d want!

Absolutely filthy gorgeous. As you can see from the photo, we ordered far too much food. We were starving to the point of twitching and almost crying in the queue for a table, and when it came to ordering we entered into a frenzy and ordered three sets of chips (only two of which I actually agreed with, in my defence – plain chips? PAH! Who even does that?!) which we of course couldn’t manage once our stomachs caught up with the maniacal face-stuffing.

This worked in our favour, as we realised that reheated poutine is WONDERFUL. More on that later.

Black & Blue  

This burger is part of their Black Label range which is a selection of burgers made with select cuts of highest quality dry aged Scotch beef which offer a juiciness with hints of sweetness and a mild nutty beef flavour. This particular burger was topped with a decadent mix of bacon, Blue cheese, caramelised onions, grilled mushroom & burger sauce. It was heaven.

Sweet Home Avocado

This is one of the vegan options – and can I say, they have SO many vegan options that I actually struggled to choose. Whenever ordering vegan food I find myself feeling very limited and so far this is the only restaurant that offers several decent options! The B12 burger is made by a company called Moving Mountains and honestly, it is absolutely amazing – I recommend clicking the link and reading their FAQ to gain some insight! If I had ordered this and didn’t know any better, I’d truly believe I was eating meat.

Convincing stuff, eh? Utterly delicious and to be honest, I think I’d probably just order these burgers instead of real beef in future – I’m massively cutting down my meat and dairy intake after doing Veganuary (see my journey here) and products like this make it so easy and sustainable long-term for people like me!

Buffalo Fries

These are far too addictive for my own good. I tried them at the Edinburgh press evening and knew I was ordering them on every occasion since, no matter what. The crispy fries are coated in a duo of sauces – spicy buffalo and blue cheese with crispy onions on top. Amazing.

What’s even more amazing? You can order them vegan and they taste the same as the original. I LOVE that this is a thing here!

Classic Poutine

The dish is essentially posh chips ‘n’ cheese as the house chips are topped with fresh cheese curds & house gravy. This is an amazing dish, but believe it or not it was even better the next day. As I said, we ordered far too many carbohydrate-based products, and made the tactical decision to take the leftover poutine home and I microwaved us a bowl each the next day for brunch and it was amazing. The cheese curds went all stringy and melty and the gravy didn’t make the chips totally mushy.

Crispy Bacon Poutine

 You can order various toppings, but I much prefer poutine the simplest way it is – classic with no bells and whistles. The bacon poutine isn’t bad, but I find the bacon here far too dry and chewy.

I’m a huge fan of the halloumi fry movement, and I have always maintained that Plato in Bothwell have the best. These ones were absolutely delicious, and I will award them 2nd place on my scoreboard. They’re the best I’ve tried in Glasgow, I’ll give them that!

To me, Bread Meats Bread is the perfect burger outing, and I haven’t a single complaint. You can sit in beautifully decorated restaurants with an amazing ambience, drink milkshakes or beers with utterly amazing food which caters to absolutely everyone. There’s no other burger place on Glasgow which offers such a wide spread of top quality dishes.


Bread Meats Bread (city centre) – 104 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5UB – 01412499898

Bread Meats Bread (west end) – 701 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 8RA – 01416480399

Bread Meats Bread (Edinburgh) – 92 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH3 9BE – 01312253000



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