Porter & Rye, Glasgow

I imagine that most people are similar to me in the sense that they have a favourite steak house that they prefer to go to. I would say Glasgow is amazing for steak as we have so many high quality choices – The Butchershop, Alston, and Grill on the Corner are favourites of mine. Visiting Porter and Rye has taken me absolutely ages, but thanks to a nice little voucher we were able to have our first try. It didn’t disappoint!

Amuse Bouche

These were so delicious but I can’t remember exactly what they are called! The beef patty tasted like corned beef which I really liked. I can be a bit funny with blue cheese at times, but this was just the right amount to set these bites off, and the crouton gave a nice little crunch to an otherwise squishy mouthful!

The bread here is so delicious! I loved both flavours – beetroot and goats cheese (which is a winning combination in any case!) and black truffle. The gorgeous rock salted butter was to die for. I love bread so much, and I love tasting quirky flavoured varieties, especially when I’m starving and it provides the perfect warm up exercise!

Chargrilled Perthshire Wood Pigeon

This was absolutely gorgeous! The pigeon was served with prosciutto, a runny quail egg, sweet raisins and was drizzled with a game dressing. My only complaint is that I’d have liked two quail eggs – purely because I like a bit of everything on each forkful and there was just a little short! This dish was so well cooked and delicately presented that it told me everything I needed to know about this restaurant.

55 day dry-aged Sirloin (10oz)

Porter and Rye use beef exclusively from the Gaindykehead Farm of Airdrie and work closely with them to ensure the absolute best product. I’m a fillet steak or higher up on the menu kinda girl, and this wasn’t available on our voucher menu so I opted for the sirloin. I was a little worried about fatty bits but I needed have bothered worrying – this was flawless. the steak was juicy and well flavoured, and everyone at the table had their steaks cooked exactly to order. Their fries are delicious, as is their peppercorn sauce and the béarnaise which I ordered too!

Is there anything more luxurious than fries dipped in béarnaise sauce?!

Bone Marrow Mac ‘n’ Cheese

This was so decadent and wonderful! The macaroni wasn’t particularly cheesy, it was just really lightly buttery and savoury. Everyone at my table loved it but luckily they know how much I love a mac ‘n’ cheese so they let me finish it off! I could’ve eaten a huge bowl of it!

Roast Heritage Carrots & Sesame

These were great – something new with my steak! The teeny tiny carrots in their various shades were very lightly flavoured with sesame. Due to some of them being so tiny they were burnt which doesn’t sound good but the charred flavour was gorgeous in such a small amounts.

Ox Cheek Stovies

You can’t beat a wee bowl of stovies – especially when they’ve been given a an upgrade from household beef scraps to slow cooked ox cheek which just peels apart. These were absolutely to die for – another one I’d happily eat a large portion of as a meal.

El Pepino – Quiriquiriqui Mezcal, Don Julio Blanco, Green Chartruese, Green Pepper Manzanilla, elderflower cordial, lime, cucumber, Old Bay seasoning & whites.

That’s a massive ice cube in the centre of the glass – there isn’t much drinking in this cocktail but it’s so refreshing, herbal and delicious.

Pineapple Carpaccio

This is the perfect dessert for me in terms of flavour profile. I absolutely love anything with coconut, and I love rum and pineapple. This was a winner! The ice cream was made from pure iced coconut cream, and was served with scorched pineapple carpaccio drizzled in an aged rum syrup. Absolutely gorgeous, and really light!

All in, this was an amazing visit to Porter and Rye and we got a real feel for the restaurant, the food and the staff. I’m very keen to go back and go full a la carte and get my hands on a nice big juicy fillet and finish it off with some of their utterly amazing cocktails!


Porter & Rye

1131 Argyle St, Finnieston, Glasgow, G3 8ND





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