No. 8 Bistro, York

I absolutely love York, and I’d go as far as saying it’s my favourite UK city so far. I love how small it is, but how there are so many things to see and do (and eat) despite that!

Having driven to York many times – it’s a gorgeous, but long drive due to traffic. I have now realised it’s totally doable as a day trip if you hop on the train – we left at the crack of dawn and made it to York for 9:30am in time for breakfast! It’s even quicker from Edinburgh!

Ultimately, my favourite thing to do in York is to walk around just looking at it. And eating. Always eating.

I had No. 8 recommended to me and I am now going to recommend it to you! it’s a small but perfectly formed little bistro just on the outskirts of the bustling city centre, so you can walk there in minutes from the centre.

We decided to go for some brunch cocktails to kick start a day of sight seeing and sitting in pubs! On the left is my limoncello Prosecco spritzer and on the right is a Mimosa. Next to some cute little daffodils!

They have a great menu here – there are so many amazing options to choose from and I really struggled to choose. All of us eventually decided to go for their soup and open sandwich deals.

Butternut Squash & Tomato Soup

The sandwiches are served with the soup of the day in a teacup – I absolutely love the cup. Just the look of it draws a smile! The soup was lovely – a tangy but sweet soup which was nice and silky and drink. Despite its mildness, it was seasoned to be very peppery which was really nice.

Roast Beef Sandwich

The roast beef was absolutely gorgeous – you can tell it was home-roasted and done so to perfection – the meat was so tender and succulent as a cold cut. I can only imagine what the actual roast tasted like! The beef was served with canarmelised onions, tomato and a little gravy boat of dipping gravy.

Mushrooms On Toast

The sourdough bread was topped with gorgeous roasted chestnut mushrooms, which I’ve been obsessed with since my stint during Veganuary! The mushrooms were coating in a silky hollandaise sauce and two beautifully done poached eggs. The salad on top had a really tangy caper dressing which was perfect to counteract all the rich buttery goodness! It would’ve been sufficient on its own to be honest – the soup ended up being an afterthought for me!

We then took off to continue roaming the beautiful streets of York! I’ll never tire of just wandering around this historic, picturesque and utterly quirky place!

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