Scran, Glasgow

My Instagram feed runs like a self-help book entitled ‘How to obsese yourself in 1 week’. It’s literally just FOOD FOOD FOOD. Heh, that made me chuckle because if I was going to publish a book I think that would be the title.

I wouldn’t change a thing, because as I don’t live directly in Glasgow, I would miss hidden gems such as the Scran cafe in Dennistoun. I have seen them update the most special sounding specials, so I just had to get there the minute my holiday from work began!

Oat milk latte

But first: coffee. I sure do LOVE a good coffee. I never drink it at work or in the house, so I associate coffee with holidays and weekends when I’m out and about. During my Veganuary experiment, I realised that oat milk is THE DAH when it comes to coffee.

Pastrami, Sauerkraut, Cream Cheese & Chives

I was eyeing up the specials board when the most heat-breaking event took place…the board was removed as they’d sold out. CRUSHED. Luckily there was a guy sitting eating the most ridiculously looking sandwich and I was able to console myself with the idea of ordering that instead.

This sandwich was amazing. It was almost too much, and I had to abandon my crusts to save precious stomach space. The sauerkraut was so fine, I really loved it. I love pickled anything, but with home made coleslaw, sauerkraut etc I really hate when they’re too chunky as the flavours can’t blend nicely when you take a forkful. This sandwich was just delightful.

Poached Eggs Stornoway

My friend is an absolute sucker Stornoway black pudding, and every time we’ve had brunch she’s ordered it! She noticed a fellow diner had ordered it with the crispy halloumi added onto the plate and decided to throw caution to the wind and enjoy herself! She was so impressed by this dish – particularly the addition of the bacon crunch sprinkled onto the hollandaise.

Scran Fries

Okay…confession time. This is really why I struggled to finish my sandwich. I just had to order these! The fries are loaded with crispy halloumi, spicy sauce and crispy onions. I absolutely loved these, but I have to admit that I found them a little dry. A little layering of thes sauce within the chips, rather than just a drizzle on the top layer of chips, or even just more sauce served on the side would help. But the flavours together were just dynamite.

Since my visit, Scran actually won Cafe of the Year 2019 in the Scottish Entertainment & Hospitality Awards which is an amazing achievement! This place might not stay a little hidden nugget for much longer…and with good reason!


Scran, 594 Alexandra Parade, Dennistoun, Glasgow, G31 3BS



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