Recipe: Rum Can Chicken & Coleslaw

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This is the first proper dinner I’ve cooked in over a month. I’ve cooked food, but nothing that requires any particular thought, skill or creativity. God bless the summer holidays where I have time and energy to play with the various items in my kitchen!

This recipe is featuring this spice blend which I was sent for free from Spice Way. Just look at those colours!

I was sent three mixes, but this one just caught my eye immediately with those gorgeous pink petals! Let me assure you that it tastes and smells just as good as it looks!

Note: Includes all spice blends and teas only, and not to be used in conjunction with other offers.

To feed two hungry people you will need:

For the chicken…

A chicken, duh

330ml can of beer (I used Estrella)

80ml of dark rum (I used Bacardi Oakheart)

2 cloves of garlic (crushed)

50g (ish) butter

15ml and a separate 2 x 15ml of the Heavenly Herbs mix

For the coleslaw…

White cabbage


Jumbo spring onions

Red onion

Baxter’s red slaw

Low fat crème fraîche


Horseradish sauce

To prepare the chicken…

Ridiculous looking, isn’t it?

But worth it for those results!

  1. Set your oven to the required temperature to cook your chicken. Lower your oven shelf as the chicken will be upright rather than lying flat!
  2. Pour out/drink ¼ of your can of beer and top it back up with the rum. Chuck in your garlic and 15ml of the spice blend.
  3. Shove the beer can up the chicken’s bum(!), and sit it upright on a roasting tray.
  4. Beat the butter until softened and mix the 30ml of the spice blend. I didn’t measure exactly, but it should be more spice blend than butter. The spice blend is quite chunky so I ran it through my blender first to get a smoother dust for this but you could leave it!
  5. Cover the chicken as best you can – I found this a bit messy and tricky!
  6. I always chuck water into my roasting tin to avoid anything burning into it, and it also makes a good base for your gravy!
  7. Roast the chicken and make sure you baste frequently.
  8. Rest for 15-20 minutes before you carve it up.
  9. Empty the beer can into the roasting pan and give it a good mix, then spoon the mixture into your gravy boat.

To prepare the coleslaw:

  1. Cut cabbage leaves into strips about an inch thick and then shred.
  2. Cut spring onions into 1 inch cylinders then slice lengthways.
  3. Finely slice the red onion then roughly chop to ensure the pieces are a reasonable size.
  4. Grate the carrot.
  5. Mix them all thoroughly in the bowl with the red slaw.
  6. I made a ridiculous quantity so I used the whole tub of crème fraîche and around about the same amount of mayonnaise, then added horseradish to taste.

I served the chicken with my coleslaw and fries – specifically McCain’s Shake Shake fries as they’re so tasty! The chicken was seriously moist and tender due to the butter and basting, and the flavour from the gravy was absolutely unreal.

The gravy had a gorgeous sweetness from the beer, and the rum enhanced that with a slightly stickiness. There are 15 ingredients which make up the spice blend, so I can’t even tell you what I was tasting, just that as a complete mixture it was absolutely heavenly….as the name suggests!

The tubs cost £4 for 100g, and it’s a 100g tub I was sent. It’s huge and it’ll last me ages! I’m so keen to try my other two, so keep your eyes open for future posts!

If you’re wanting to try it for yourself, here’s a reminder about your discount:

Discount Code: INF10 (single use)

Expires: 30/10/19

Note: Includes all spice blends and teas only, and not to be used in conjunction with other offers.

You can find Spice Way at and on social media with the handle @SpiceWayUK

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