Restaurante DCorazon, Madrid

Those of you who follow my social media account will know that this series of blog posts has taken me a while  to get around to! My next few (ahem, several) blog posts are going to be detailing my every move in the wonderful city of Madrid! I’m going to tackle all the foodie haunts first, then get my travel guide written up!

Restaurant DCorazon was by far the fanciest restaurant we ate in, and the food was absolutely perfect.

We were seated down in their basement which had a really cool atmosphere with their lit wine cellar! It was also cool and comfortable, as Madrid was really warm when we were there. I’m laughing to myself because it’s SPAIN, it’s probably warm all year! But anyway, it was the perfect dining environment.

I started off with a beautiful glass of chilled Verdejo. As we were a large booking, we were offered a package where we had a tapas assortment of starters, a main course each and then sharing desserts in addition to all the wine we could drink within 1.5 hours for 41€.

Service is pretty slow everywhere in Spain in comparison to what you’d be used to in the UK, so some of my dining company felt frustrated by their empty glasses not being topped up quickly enough given the time constraint, and having to chase staff for top ups, so that’s the only drawback of the evening and something to keep an eye on.

The food was served as various sharing platters for the starters, and there was a perfect variety of dishes – something for everyone! In our group we had Gluten Free and vegetarian diners.

Iberian Platter

I absolutely love these platters – between Barcelona and Madrid I have eaten so much Iberian meat this year! The ham, chorizo and Manchego is delicious enough to eat on its own, but we managed to mix them into all the other starters or enjoy them on bread.


I thought I loved these little croquettes when I ordered them at home, but honestly, until you’ve eaten these in Spain you have absolutely no idea how rubbish they are back home!  The real deal are a good mix of Bechamel and potato, so when you eat them they’re the most decadent fondant rather than dry and fluffy. I could easily sit with a bucket of them. We were served a mixture of Iberian Ham and Jalapeño Croquettes.

This is kinda what it says on the tin – rectangle roast potatoes with aioli.

Now, this dish below was the absolute winner for me.

DCorazon Broken Eggs

A plate of crispy potato slices, flavoured with black truffle – which I absolutely LOVE – which was then topped with very soft cooked egg. I can be a bit squiffy with eggs served ‘rare’ like this, but the waiter came and mixed it all together, and what you’re left with is this absolutely delicious mush of gorgeous rich flavours. It was absolutely to die for.

Tuna Tartare

This was a beautiful fresh dish, and the longer I spent in Madrid the more I realised how popular this dish is there. You can order it in most places we visited, with one restaurant considering it their most popular dish.   The tuna was dressed beautifully in sesame, and served with an avocado puree and cubed tomatoes.

The roasted vegetables were cooked perfectly were a perfect addition to the other dishes – especially the broken eggs.

Double Chin Burger

I put those two pictures first because they represent how gorgeous this meat was.

The burger looked terrible when it was placed in front of me. Based on everything else I’d eaten up to this point, and the beautiful surroundings, I was shocked when this basic looking burger and fries landed in front of me.  They say that you should never judge a book by its cover and they, whoever they are, are right because this was the most delicious pork I’ve ever eaten. Cooked to absolute perfection in terms of flavour and texture, everything – including the fries – was perfect.

Me: I’m not really that bothered about dessert.

Also me: Yes, we’d like to take the left over dessert home.

Baked Cheesecake

Carrot Cake

Lemon Meringue Pie

We were given these absolutely massive pieces of each to share, and each one was so delicious. If you look at the carrot cake you can see how dense a sponge it was. They were absolutely amazing, but totally huge. We took them back to our apartment and I was overjoyed to eat leftover cake for breakfast the next morning!

I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone dining in Madrid. The drinks package was good value, but you need to keep on top of service as they can be very slow. If I go back, I’d try their a la carte menu, as every dish knocked it out of the park for me, and I’d love to see what else they can do!


Restaurant DCorazon

Plaza Mayor, 30, 28012, Madrid Spain




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