Swadish Modern Indian Cuisine, Glasgow

I noticed a huge buzz about Swadish on social media recently and I decided to choose it for my birthday celebrations! I’m so glad I did because this place is second to none for service, quality and generally speaking, it’s just a wonderful restaurant and I can’t wait to go back!

Upon arrival we were given a palate cleanser – melon and cucumber (I think) which I feel is a nice touch when you enter a restaurant! Tasting a fruity sensation while looking at the menu just geared me up!

You can’t have an Indian meal without popadoms and spiced onions and chutneys. I loved the trio style of their popadoms as each were totally different in flavour and texture, and a nice change from the standard issue popadoms. Of the chutneys, I absolutely LOVED the tomato and garlic one, but their mango chutney was so delicious too.

Blue Cheese Baby Naans with Pear & Apple Chutney

I was told that we had to order these baby naans and I’m so glad I took the advice, as they were so beautiful. The naans were topped with Scottish Blue Cheese and a lovely sweet Pear and Apple Chutney to cut through the earthiness of the blue cheese. I’m a bit funny with blue cheese, but in scenarios like this I absolutely love it!

Jhinga Cocktail

This is a clever take on the ever-popular prawn cocktail by serving the kind prawns tandoori style with curries mayonnaise. The modern twist extended to the salad of baby gem lettuce, chunked avocado, and tomato which was sinister with a Parmesan Poppadum. Lovely and light but packing tons of flavours!

Eral Suttadu Prawns

This is another fantastically light starter which just embraces simplicity without forgetting flavour. Chargrilled jumbo king prawns served with roasted asparagus and tomatoes with an avocado aioli. the little jar of coriander chutney is some amazing stuff!

Tandoori Octopus Salad.

Sometimes I can be a little freaked out by octopus because it just looks like an octopus, but I always like the taste! I loved this is one was chopped up and with it being marinated tandoori spices, it didn’t look as intimidating as some others do! The flavour was absolutely gorgeous! It was served with with these amazing crushed masala potatoes, pickled onions, pomegranate and coriander chutney.

Crispy Kekda

Fresh Devonshire soft shell crab served with a beautiful fennel and apple salad. The apple absolutely made it! This was a very fresh and tasty dish. I really love the mint and coriander chutney that’s in the jar. It was so fully flavoured yet mild enough to not overpower anything. I put a bit of it on almost everything I tried! Delicious herby goodness!

The naan bread selection here is next level! The options are numerous and you can of course order a peshwari or garlic naan, but they offer several quirky alternatives! We ordered the cheese naan which was flavoured very lightly with Mozzarella, Gruyere and Truffle Butter (top picture) – it was to die for. It could’ve been cheesier in terms of flavour, but the luxurious creamy taste was still gorgeous. We also ordered the Truffle Kulcha with Wild Mushroom (bottom picture) which was again delicious, but this one is definitely prefer a stronger flavour from it because it was tasty but I expected a greater mushroom taste!

Lamb Shank Rogan Josh

What a visual impact this bowl had! The beautifully tender Scottish Lamb shank was braised for 8 hours in bone marrow, cinnamon, fennel seeds and cloves and then transformed into this stunning curry. I loved the novelty of the little straw potatoes scattered over it! The curry was rich and sumptuous and the lamb fell off the bone. It was a knockout.

Chettinad Duck

I have never seen duck on an Indian menu before, and this plate definitely has a fusion cooking feel to it as it looks like a countryside dish but tastes of India. The Gressingham Duck was pan fried with honey and spices and served in a Chettinad Sauce with fondant potato and chunks of herbed pear through the sauce.

Coconut Seafood Curry

Swadish is the only Glasgow Indian restaurant which specialises in seafood, so it felt very necessary for me to order a seafood curry! I order mixed seafood dishes fairly often so I was very keen to try one here and it didn’t disappoint! The mix of Mussels, Scallops, Salmon, Prawn and Calamari was served in a smooth textured but rich flavoured coconut and tomato broth. It was a very aromatic dish so the lemon rice which came with it was a nice addition.

Chef Ajay came out to chat to us after the meal and he was such a lovely guy, and you can just tell how passionate he is! He is nowhere near finished experimenting and building his menu, and some of the ideas he has and things to suggested to us will have me peeling my eyes and watching for updates!

After he left, they sent me a passionfruit cheesecake and the waiting staff wished me happy birthday. I didn’t go to Swadish with them knowing I was writing a review – this is how they treat average joes who walk in randomly. It’s the best service I’ve experienced in Glasgow in a long time, and that’s saying something as you don’t really get bad service in Glasgow!

Thank you to the whole team at Swadish, I truly loved my experience and I can’t wait to come back!


Swadish Modern Indian Cuisine

33 Ingram Street, Glasgow, G1 1HA





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