BABA, Edinburgh

The one thing that drew me towards trying Baba is the colours! Their food always looks so vibrant and colourful. You can almost taste it through the screen! My friend met up one sunny day for lunch to taste the Baba rainbow!

Starting with classic mojitos to cool is down and refresh our palettes from our iced coffees earlier.

The menu was split into three areas: snacks, dips and grills. And you pick one of each per person and they all come out together to provide you with the most gorgeous picnic.


Lemon & chilli Halkidiki olives

Falafel, saffron tahini & zhug

Falafels are hit or miss with me as often they’re pretty dry. These were really small so they didn’t dry out during cooking, and the zhug added some delicious moisture and a built-in dip. They were absolutely gorgeous – such beautiful aromatic flavours.


Beetroot hummas, whipped feta & pistachio dukkah

I cannot stand the word hummas. I always say houmous and it pained me to see hummas on the menu, even though I know both are acceptable!

Luckily, this had no impact on the beautiful taste! I love beetroot and feta as a combination and it works especially well with houmous as the feta just lifts the heaviness of the taste.

Baba Ganoush with pomegranate & mint

As much as I love houmous, the Baba ganoush is my absolute favourite dip. It was so moreish that I really had to restrain myself from eating the whole lot instead of sharing!


Seabass, cous cous, chermoula & rose yoghurt

My grill order was the pan fried Seabass which was so deliciously crispy and fresh. The Rose yoghurt was absolutely stunning – I’m a huge fan of floral flavours and added to the tanginess of the yogurt this was perfect for the spiced couscous.

Date & barbecue glazed chicken leg, merguez sausage & sweetcorn

This was the star of the show, and as much as I loved the seabass, this was truly to die for. The chicken was outrageously good – extremely moist and succulent meat with the sweet and smoky marinade which was addictively tasty. My favourite part was the sweetcorn purée because I love sweetcorn and this was just the perfect way to enjoy with such smoky and wonderful meat.

My visit to Baba didn’t disappoint – I went there for a taste sensation and I absolutely got one!



130 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4JZ




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