Wagamama Vegan Menu

AD| Gifted meal

I am a long-time Wagamama fan, so when they got in touch and invited me along to try out their vegan menu I was absolutely delighted! I did Veganuary last year and am doing it again this year – mostly just to change my routine up and focus less on meat and dairy and base my diet on the alternatives!

Wagamama’s vegan range has lots of choice and I think they’ve got a much fuller menu than many other places who often only offer one or two things.

Mixed Mushroom & Panko Aubergine Hirata Steamed Buns

I absolutely love these buns, and I actually routinely order them normally. They taste incredible with the mixture of spicy mayo, coriander (which I absolutely love) and then the earthy mushrooms. I love the crunchy breadcrumbs in contrast to the fluffy buns! An all time favourite of mine.

Vegetable Tempura

I’d never usually order this as to be honest it’s nothing that would ever really excite me. I have to admit, I really enjoyed it! The sweet potato is the exception as it didn’t really cook well and felt a bit raw, but the other vegetables were beautiful – especially the broccoli. What I really loved was the dip as it was like a sweet and sour soy sauce.

Vegan Suika Tuna

This dish has been a huge source of controversy with many idiot celebrities really getting their knickers in a twist about the fact that it’s being called tuna when it’s vegan. Yawn.

I was very keen to try this as I absolutely love and adore watermelon, so the thought of it being dehydrated, marinated and stir fried REALLY intrigued me! My verdict: it’s nothing like tuna. But it is really tasty! Very difficult to describe the flavour – but it was umami with hints of sweetness.

The rest of the dish was really nice – the stir fried broccoli a massive hit. I would literally just eat a big bowl of it. The tofu/avocado mush was really nice and light. The only thing that took away from the dish was how little of the vegan tuna there was, and that the rice was a bit plain – the left over sauce from the tempura sorted that out though!

This dish is a special dish for January 2020, so please make sure you don’t miss out if you’re curious!

Yasai Katsu

I have never ordered a katsu curry before, but I know I like them from making it at home. Fake meat weirds me out a bit, so I decided not to have the Vegatsu which is made from seitan, and go for the veggie version with sweet potato and aubergine. I absolutely loved it – I see myself ordering this frequently!

Pink Guava & Passionfruit Sorbet

Mango & Matcha Layer Cake

This was absolutely gorgeous! A beautifully light sponge layered with matcha and yuzu creams and topped with a tart raspberry compote. I’m not a big fan of compote but it really made this dessert perfect!

As always, I’m impressed with Wagamama! They’re one of my favourite places to go, and generally I don’t opt for chains when I’m eating out, but they are the exception for me. I’ve mentioned before about how amazing they are for those with food allergies and you can see how much they care about people have choice and variety, regardless of their meal restrictions. They’re number 1 for taking catering for all people so seriously. Well done Waga – I’ll be back!

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