Eda Turkish Restaurant, Glasgow

During Veganuary I liked to try as much as I possibly can while my mind is framed as a vegan, as I know that during any other month I’m VERY easily lured towards meat and cheese. In my mind, Turkish food basically equals grilled meat…but also houmous, and I am a big big fan of that!

My friend is a full time vegan and raved about the food here, so I was keen to give Eda a try! The menu didn’t have dishes marked as vegan, which I find a bit difficult as sometimes it’s hard to tell so I just followed her lead!

Houmous & Baba Ghanoush

I love houmous and eat at least one tub of it every week, so it was a no-brained! I also love Baba Ghanoush, but I’m used to it being a paste like houmous, so this version was really interesting as you got to see and individually taste the smokey aubergine, pepper, onion and tomato. Personally, I prefer the paste but this was still really nice! I didn’t take a picture of their bread but it was so gorgeous, and it seemed freshly baked!

Complimentary Onions

These sweet-dressed onions come with every meal and they are absolutely gorgeous! I ate some with the houmous and also added some into my main course…

Falafel Main Course

There is a lot going on on this plate and my word, it was a feast for the eyes and the mouth! The main event was the falafels which were beautifully flavoured and weren’t as dry as some can be. They rested on top of a pile of grilled vegetables which included a whole green chilli which was so smoky and gorgeous! The salad was beyond juicy with lush ripe tomatoes and a gorgeous dressing – an absolutely perfect offering. The lived couscous was tasty, but I really didn’t pay much attention to the couscous and rice as I honestly wouldn’t have fit it all in had I eaten them! The portion was very generous!

I left Eda with a very strong first impression – gorgeous food, really friendly service and very reasonable prices! My friend next to me had halloumi skewers and a chicken shish wrap…so I’m probably going to need that come February!

If you’re a reader from outside Glasgow, they have a restaurants in Kirkcaldy also!


Eda Turkish Restaurant, 8 High Street, Glasgow, G1 1NL




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